Tear Fet: A Preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 19th at 7pm at The Castle Hotel. Sarah Kelly has unfortunately had to reschedule but Tear Fet has very kindly stepped in. See the middle column for more details about the event.

‘Tear Fet is the sound-making alias of Matt Dalby, a Manchester artist in various media. His most recent project was a walk around the outside of the M60 on 30 May, generating material for several ongoing extended pieces. Tonight’s semi-improvised performance, called Icarus, grows out of a text work from that process.

Matt’s collection of short improvisations, Underpath, came out last October on Chocolate Monk records, and he’s one of 30 artists featured in the pop-up text art exhibition Total Recall at Bury Art Gallery.

You can follow Matt as Tear Fet on SoundCloud, as well as on YouTube under his own name, and at his blog, santiago’s dead wasp.’


One thought on “Tear Fet: A Preview

  1. In case you wanted a more expensive alternative to the poetry of Rachel Sills and Michael Zand, and to my gob goof, then on the very self-same night as The Other Room there’s an excellent gig in Levenshulme.

    Yep, on Wednesday 19 August Tubers Music are organising a gig at the Klondyke Club starting at 8:30pm. It’s £7 waged/£5 unwaged and features Phil Minton & Friends and The Jeff Keen Singers.

    Phil Minton (mouth mulch) is in a trio with Luke Poot (also mouth mulch) and Pascal Nichols (percussion – from Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides and other projects).

    The Jeff Keen Singers are Odie Ji Ghast (vox crackle & pop – you may have seen her perform under another name), Other Room alumnus THF Drenching (dictaphone) and DMBirchall (guitar – and how!), who’ll be collectively accompanying some Jeff Keen films.

    Details at the Tubers Music blog, on Facebook, and I’ve blogged it too. It sounds great.

    Shame I can’t be there, but I’m super-excited about trying out something new at The Other Room. I’ve been composing and rehearsing my socks off, and there will be a whole new semi-improvised piece to get your teeth into. See recent blogposts at santiago’s dead wasp for more background.


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