Tear Fet: A Preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 19th at 7pm at The Castle Hotel. Sarah Kelly has unfortunately had to reschedule but Tear Fet has very kindly stepped in. See the middle column for more details about the event.

‘Tear Fet is the sound-making alias of Matt Dalby, a Manchester artist in various media. His most recent project was a walk around the outside of the M60 on 30 May, generating material for several ongoing extended pieces. Tonight’s semi-improvised performance, called Icarus, grows out of a text work from that process.

Matt’s collection of short improvisations, Underpath, came out last October on Chocolate Monk records, and he’s one of 30 artists featured in the pop-up text art exhibition Total Recall at Bury Art Gallery.

You can follow Matt as Tear Fet on SoundCloud, as well as on YouTube under his own name, and at his blog, santiago’s dead wasp.’


Total Recall exhibition at Bury Art Gallery


TOTAL RECALL 1 August — 3 October, 2015 


Moss St, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0DR, United Kingdom

How do you remember the people who are important to you? How do you conjure your shared past? Is it in an image, a sound, a smell, a touch? Or do you use words?

We invited world-leading poets and text-artists to make a language-memory for Tony Trehy, who has directed the internationally renowned Text Festival at Bury Art Museum since 2005. This exhibition celebrates a 10-year anniversary of the Festival and a 20-year anniversary of Tony’s time at Bury. Writing on a wall, an Internet search, a diary entry, a flurry of thoughts … what is remembering and who is it for?

Tony Trehy has been the ring-leader of decade-long conversations, new opportunities, challenges and heated debates. Each of his four Text Festivals has added to a continuing dialogue between language and art. Every Text Festival has asked the audience a simple-but-complex question: How do I read?

Into the historic space of Bury Art Museum, Trehy has injected text that is a new ‘language art’ for the 21st Century. Bury was once the centre of paper-making in Britain, now it is a pioneer of language-making, with its Text Archive welcoming readers from all over the world.

TOTAL RECALL is a guerrilla makeover, an A4 invasion of reading into the larger narrative of looking. Unlike the street signs outside, these are not corporate instructions or sales pitches; they are antidotes. Walls, vitrine, archival box—nary a “book” to be found, but a heap of language left in memory.

TOTAL RECALL includes work by local, national and international text-based artists and poets: angela rawlings, Alan Halsey, Barrie Tullett, Carolyn Thompson, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Darren Marsh, derek beaulieu, Emma Cocker, Eric Zboya, Erica Baum, Jaap Blonk, James Davies, Jayne Dyer, Jesse Glass, Karri Kokko, Kristen Mueller, Lawrence Weiner, Leanne Bridgewater, Liz Collini, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Marco Giovenale, Márton Koppány, Matt Dalby, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Paula Claire, Penny Anderson, Peter Jaeger, Philip Davenport, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Robert Grenier, Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen, Sarah Sanders, Seekers of Lice, Stephen Emmerson, Steve Giasson, Steve Miller, Tom Jenks, and Tony Lopez.

— derek beaulieu and Phil Davenport, Curators

Matt Dalby’s big M60 walk

Matt Dalby is walking around the entire M60 motorway in May and making art on the way, as part of his Islands project, which he describes as follows: “Islands is a series of artworks planned for 2015, beginning with a series of soundworks called Islands : Wind. My walk around the M60, and the period of preparation leading up to it, will lead to the creation of a set of linked works called Islands: ManchesterIslands : Manchester will exist across different media such as text, video, sound and installation works.”

Read more about the project here.

The ABC in Sound Ensemble for The Other Room 35: Bob Cobbing A Celebration

THE ENSEMBLE: Tim Allen, Joanne Ashcroft, Richard Barrett, Leanne Bridgewater, Matt Dalby, Phil Davenport, James Davies, Ollie Evans, Patricia Farrell, Clive Fencott, Alan Halsey, Michael Haslam, Tom Jenks, Angela Keaton, Geraldine Monk, Maggie O’Sullivan, Holly Pester, Robert Sheppard, Adrian Slatcher, Chris Stephenson, Scott Thurston, Gareth Twose, Steven Waling, Steve Willey and Nigel Wood.

Visit Ubu at the LINK to hear letters d, p and t of the ABC in Sound.

The Other Room 35 takes place at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester, M2 4PD. Tuesday 23rd October 2012, 7.00 pm. FREE

All Sensation is Already Memory

A compilation of sound art, drone, improvisation, noise, spoken word, sound poetry and other sonic experiments, from experimental label OSG. Contributors were asked to respond to Henri Bergson: “…In truth, all sensation is already memory.” The release is compiled either to play as a continuous album, or in three separate LP length sections; tracks are numbered accordingly. Free download at http://archive.org/details/VariousArtists-AllSensationIsAlreadyMemory

Includes Matt Dalby, Philip Davenport and lots more

Matt Dalby reviews The Language Moment

“The Language Moment started in a more sombre and insurrectionary mood than might have been expected. And it felt like different time-periods collided.

There was the bad news that day that after 28 years the greenroom will close at the end of May. Add this to Castlefield Gallery’s loss of Arts Council funding and artists might very well feel besieged.

It also seems perversely apt that a centre born during the previous Tory administration should end during another. Albeit in coalition with Lib Dems.”

More here.

The Other Room 23 reviewed

Interesting discussions from Matt Dalby and Steve Waling

It was an ambitious programme this time. Derek Henderson read via live stream from Utah – and the other readers (Carrie Etter, Alec Finlay and Ken Edwards) were streamed out to the wider world. The venue was pretty packed and there were a number of new faces.

Derek Henderson reading from the recently released if p then q collection Thus & was the highlight of the evening for me. The collection is described as ‘a systematic erasure of Ted Berrigan’s 1964 collection The Sonnets.’

READ MORE at Santiago’s Dead Wasp

The last Other Room was a really terrific night – to think that it’s already got to three years is quite stupendous. Derek Henderson live-streamed from Utah was one of the highlights, as was seeing the poet and editor Carrie Etter reading from her Shearsman book, Divining for Starters. Ken Edwards was also good, as was Alec Finlay. It was an interesting evening that brought up some issues.


New Counting Backwards site

Recalibrate your instruments. Counting Backwards, Manchester’s new series of text-sound-performance events has a new site at http://countingbackwards.posterous.com. Counting Backwards takes place on the first Thursday of alternate months at Fuel cafe bar in Withington. After a successful launch in June the series returns on Thursday 5 August 2010 with performances from Blood Stereo, Becky Creminand Jennifer McDonald & Louise Woodcock. Counting Backwards is Richard Barrett, Matt Dalby and Gary Fisher.

The Other Room 16 – Reviews

The last reading in the Other Room series, (Susana Gardner, Peter Manson and Nicole Mauro) was easily the best that I’ve been to. I absolutely loved it. All three poets had me pretty much mesmerized for their entire set. There’s not a lot of point in me describing their performances though as they were filmed and can be viewed here on this very site. I’ve just had another quick look at the first half of Peter’s reading myself actually and am now smiling stupidly at the thought of what a brill evening was had by myself and my mate Fran (and, judging by the look of sheer joy that was on their faces, most of the other people in the room.)

Susana brought with her a little table full of exquisitely packaged poetry from her Dusie Press, on sale for a pound per item. I bought a selection, the coolest of which came in a squashed loo roll tube matching, if not beating, my collection of Matchbox poems in the funky packaging category.

I loved the Scottish and American accents of the night. I loved Peter’s fanatical flailing and precise pronunciation of lines like ‘the least dismissive of the leaf police’. I loved Nicole’s military style stance and how she seemed to smoothly slip something about a head wedged up an ass into every poem. I loved how hypnotic Susana was, especially as she repeated the word shore shore shore, turning it (for me) into sure sure sure and then back again and reminding me of Sylvia Plath, only without the woe-is-me-ishness.

The whole night was great fun with lots of naughty swear words and beer.

Jaime Birch

Things have been a little odd lately because I’ve felt quite directionless while taking a lot on. All of which means I get a little frayed. So I’m learning to relax and just accept how I feel about things, rather than trying to please other people. Which is a way of saying I might not be as generous in this review as I normally might be. So try not to take offence.

Matt Dalby’s take; for more click HERE

Yesterday was the latest reading at The Other Room, with three very good performances from Susanna Gardner, Peter Manson and Nicole Mauro. After a previous week where I was performing three times, including once in a jazz band, it was a relief to sit back and watch for a change.

Steve Waling’s comments HERE