History Arising

History Arising takes place on Thursday the 24th of July at TOAST, Manchester, 18:00-21:00. The evening event is the third instalment of Shady Dealings With Language series and is curated with artist Joseph Noonan Ganley. It includes new performance works by poet Sarah Kelly, artist and sociologist Nina Wakeford, a screening from award winning filmmaker Chris Paul Daniels and a new live work from artist Frank Wasser.

Considering cliché as a generative form, works are presented by artists and writers who take cultural embarrassments head-on within their practices, to produce works that address the bubbling-up of histories present in their respective production techniques, their research materials, modes of delivery and approaches to audience. How might these traces of history be temporally different, how might they be read, if they were to be mapped onto a singing voice, an act of writing, the making of paper, a script, a documentary film?

For one night History Arising will occupy the sixth floor of Castlefield Gallery’s Federation House to designate a space for a sincerely positioned ambivalence toward histories both personal and cultural and their representation in contemporary research and art practices.


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