The Life and Use of Books


Artist-led reading room, forum and occasional publishing outlet.

The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books will feature an evolving portable library, made up of independent publications and books chosen by an invited curator, alongside a permanent donated reference library.

Each collection will be on display for a period of approximately two months, during which time an artist will be invited to take up residence and produce an exhibition toward the end of their stay – responding to, and working with (or against) the library.

Presenting coherent literary collections alongside new work by artists will open up a web of connections and interpretations, with a dialogue between the two encouraged through events and commissions for emerging art writers.

TheĀ inaugural six-month pilot programme will launch with a library selected by Marcus Barnett, and artist in residence Daniel Fogarty, continuing with a library from the collection of Michael Butterworth, and Ann-Marie Milward in residence.

The Exhibition Centre for the Life and use of Books is based at ArtWork Atelier on Greengate, with events taking place at venues around Manchester and Salford beginning at Islington Mill.

The Exhibition Centre for the Life and use of Books will be open by appointment on the 8th and 9th of May, and will continue to be open to visitors on every following Thursday and Friday during May and July. More here.

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