The eight reading in the Materials Reading series will feature readings from MEG FOULKES and STUART CALTON.

MEG FOULKES is the author of ‘Poems’ (Rank Xerox, 2004) and ‘Sylvester’s Crown and Other Poems’ (Arehouse, 2005).

“Bring on the fanfare, success / Writes poems of determined luck / So pleased, so incurably pleased / To be known still.”

STUART CALTON is the author of ‘Sheep Walk Cut’, ‘The Bench Graft’ (both Barque Press, 2004), ‘United Snap-Up’ (Fenland Hi-Brow Press, 2004), ‘The Corn Mother’ (Barque Press, 2006), and ‘Three Reveries’ (Barque Press, 2010). His most recent book is ‘The Torn Instructions for No Trebuchet’  (Barque Press, 2013), which he will read on this occasion.

“still forever I / hate this fucking system and I wanted our life / better to realize the true generality and make its / really-existing untruth external in our / particular.”

Armitage Room (FF), Queens’ College, Cambridge, Friday 7th March, 7.30 for 8pm. BYOB.

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