Hazel Smith – A Preview

Preview of July 19th 2012 performer Hazel Smith who will perform at Leeds Gallery, Munro House, Leeds, 7pm. Entry is free and we’d love to see you there. Other performers are Ryan Ormonde and a collaboration between Chris McCabe and Tom Jenks. Previews to follow.

Click the link for PRESS RELEASE_LEEDS 2012

Hazel Smith is active in the areas of poetry, performance and new media. Her work has appeared in numerous international literary magazines and in literary, musical and multimedia anthologies. She has published three volumes of poetry: Abstractly Represented: Poems and Performance Texts 1982-90, Butterfly Books, 1991; Keys Round her Tongue: short prose, poetry and performance texts Soma, 2000 and The Erotics of Geography: poetry, performance texts, new media works, Tinfish Press, 2008 (accompanied by a CD-Rom of works with Roger Dean).

Hazel has also, with Roger Dean, made three CDs of her performance work, Poet Without Language, Rufus Records 1994; Nuraghic Echoes, Rufus Records, 1996 and Returning the Angles, Soma Recording and Publishing 2001. She has collaborated with Roger Dean on many ABC radio commissions including Poet Without Language, 1991, Nuraghic Echoes, 1994, The Erotics of Gossip, 2001, Returning the Angles 1998, for The Listening Room, and The Afterlives of Betsy Scott, 2007, for Airplay. Her performance collaborations, such as the writer the performer the program the madwoman 2004, the space of history 2006, Mid-Air Conversations 2006 and Minimal 2007 are showcased on many poetics websites such as PennSound (US), and in internet journals such as How2 (US). One of her collaborations with Roger Dean, Poet without Language, was nominated by the ABC for the Prix Italia in 1992.

Hazel is co-author with Roger Dean of numerous new media works, such as Wordstuffs: the city and the body, 1998, Intertwingling 1999, the egg the cart the horse the chicken 2004, soundAFFECTs 2004 (with Anne Brewster) and Time the Magician 2007. She has also collaborated on several occasions with visual artist Sieglinde Karl, and their joint work has been exhibited in many art galleries in Australia and overseas. She has performed her own work extensively nationally and internationally in Europe and Australasia. She has been co-recipient of numerous grants from the Australia Council, The Australian Film Commission and Arts Tasmania.

Some links to work:

the writer, the performer, the program, the madwoman

the egg, the cart, the horse, the chicken


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