Angel Exhaust 20 ‘You just rang Anne Widecombe?

Out now featuring:

  • John Kinsella
  • Kelvin Corcoran
  • Jeff Hilson
  • DS Marriott
  • John Goodby
  • David Chaloner
  • Jesse Glass
  • Rita Dahl
  • Jason Wilkinson
  • Michael Haslam
  • Charles Bainbridge
  • Chris Brownsword
  • Colin Simms
  • Out To Lunch
  • Carrie Etter

144 pp.

PLUS the results of a survey where contemporary poets explain what’s wrong with the poetry scene. A fearless analytical exposé of the moral gutter where the sleaze flows night and day. We toss those bastards into the big wok of repentance. We rake the muck and rack the mopes. It’s twilight for the deep pigs.

Price: £7.00 including postage. Address: 21 Querneby Road, Nottingham, Notts NG3 5JA. Cheques payable to ‘Andrew Duncan’

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