Robert Sheppard: Words Out of Time

Words Out of Time deforms and reforms a story of Sheppard’s life as an othering, an ‘autrebiography’, in modes that include what he calls ‘unwriting’, working through and transforming diaries and journals. The Given tells it in four different ways, from a litany of what hasn’t been remembered, to an alphabetical disfigurement of its features. Arrival invents a demonic sibling, generated from the diaries, restlessly inhabiting lyrics, a short story, an essay and footnotes. In When Sheppard goes conceptual with ‘With’, while ‘Words’ weaves abandoned (found) texts to shake up this history; ‘Work’ distends temporality, reverses standard autobiography’s fascination with origins, slows down time to show how work works its way into a life. Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.