Jesse Glass – Charm for Survivors: Selected Painted Books and Sequences

This is the first of two colour volumes collecting the visual poetry of the highly
acclaimed poet, artist & folklorist Jesse Glass. The volume contains five painted books that have been exhibited at Tate Britain, The Bury Text Festival, and in the Blackpool Illuminations – where they were seen by 193,073 visitors. These books are: Seven Mad Dances, Codex III, Hell Money Sequence I, Human Centred World, & Charm for Survivors. The books are handsomely presented in a large format (18 cm by 26 cm).

Jesse Glass is a Professor of American Literature at Mekai University in Japan. He has won the Deep South Writers’ Conference twice. Charm for Survivors is due to be performed on CNN in December.

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Eileen Tabios – The Opposite of Claustrophobia


Startling, not just for the method but for the lines of breathtaking beauty resulting from it. These poems are tender, wistful and humorous, an incantatory catalogue that is spiritually tethered to the body and the earth, where everything is vital and important, and incites wonder, melancholy, and gratitude.

— Eric Gamalinda

While Georges Perec famously gave us a work of literature that began “I remember…”, Eileen Tabios gives us a very human sounding algorithm that lists for us what “I” has forgotten. In the backgrounds of paintings like those of Lucas Cranach, Bosch, Durer, Da Vinci, are castles, ruins, caverns. Each one is an invitation, a window into which I’d like to peer. In just such a way each of the lines of Tabios’ new work is an invitation to seek within the sfumato for a miniature clarity—sometimes the blinding light of a furnace, sometimes an old movie set swarming with quotation marks, sometimes lines that, with their specificity, invite us to linger and to imagine the margins full of novels, short stories, memoirs of: “Marisa peeling the skin from a blue-boned fish…Luisa who squatted beside betel-chewing crones with crooked front teeth, and Marjorie who swallowed the scarless sky over Siquijor.” Some lines are mere rungs for the hands and feet of angels and these I recommend to you most of all.

— Jesse Glass

Out now on KFS.

House of Mouse by Prudence Chamberlain & SJ Fowler


Discursive, playful, obscene and satirical, The House of Mouse is a collection of ten poetic collaborations written by British poets SJ Fowler and Prudence Chamberlain – each responding to a famed cartoon, each uncovering the bizarre overt and covert symbols and signs of these pervasive animations.

Dotted with original illustrations by contemporary artists like Lizzy Stewart and Duncan Marchbank, this unique collaborative collection aims to show that maybe the only thing stranger than corporate cartoon animals is avant-garde poetry.

To be launched as part of The Poetry School Camarade on July 17th 2016 at Rich Mix and The CapLet 1st year anniversary reading on August 10th at St Margaret’s House, both near Bethnal Green.

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

Robert Sheppard: Words Out of Time

Words Out of Time deforms and reforms a story of Sheppard’s life as an othering, an ‘autrebiography’, in modes that include what he calls ‘unwriting’, working through and transforming diaries and journals. The Given tells it in four different ways, from a litany of what hasn’t been remembered, to an alphabetical disfigurement of its features. Arrival invents a demonic sibling, generated from the diaries, restlessly inhabiting lyrics, a short story, an essay and footnotes. In When Sheppard goes conceptual with ‘With’, while ‘Words’ weaves abandoned (found) texts to shake up this history; ‘Work’ distends temporality, reverses standard autobiography’s fascination with origins, slows down time to show how work works its way into a life. Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

Knives Forks and Spoons Pop up Reading

On Saturday 4th October from 1pm to 4pm featuring PATRICIA FARRELL, ROBERT SHEPPARD JAMES BYRNE and JOANNE ASHCROFT, all of whom have books published by KFS, at St Helens Library, Victoria Square, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1DY. If you are travelling by train, DO NOT GO TO St HELENS JUNCTION. Instead, travel to St Helens Central Station.