Poetry Tour of Nunhead Cemetery

Saturday 27 August, 2016, 2:15 PM. Free. Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove Entrance, London SE15 3LP

Who was known as the ‘Laureate of the Babies’? Who was sent off to tour the world by Charles Dickens? Who welcomed Garibaldi to her home in Peckham? Who introduced a magazine called ‘Fun’ to a Victorian readership? Find out on this free tour of Nunhead Cemetery, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and hearing more about why the Victorians moved their cemeteries to the suburbs. A perfect way to find out more about poetry and experience London’s heritage. Meet at 2.15pm at the Linden Grove entrance to the cemetery.

The tour is led by Tim Stevenson of the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery and Chris McCabe. More here.

Chris McCabe’s The Real Southbank

Fantastic event! Book now.

What makes us love our city?

Three pioneering poets and writers of London life and history delve into the reality of the South Bank. They weigh up the story of the area, from its beginnings as a marshland to its 20th-century transformation into the city’s cultural quarter.

Hosted by Peter Finch – poet, writer and the editor of Seren’s Real Series? – this evening launches the book Real South Bank by Chris McCabe. Also in attendance is Iain Sinclair, who reads from his own work to help illuminate the past and present of the area. Sinclair has written about the South Bank in Lights Out for the Territory, and about the Thames in Downriver.

Together, these three writers explore the South Bank’s historical associations with criminality and outsiderness, and its appeal to poets like Blake and Rimbaud. Finally, they discuss what makes the South Bank so distinctive in the landscape of contemporary London.

Chris McCabe’s Real South Bank covers the area between Blackfriars Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge, and as far south as Elephant and Castle. The book includes chapters on Shakespeare’s original Globe, a night walk in the footsteps of Dickens, a stroll along the River Neckinger that runs beneath the streets of London and a visit to the site of ?the most notorious of the Elizabethan bear fighting pits. There are chapters on Southbank Centre and Royal Festival Hall, and a new series of poems about the broader South Bank entitled Liquid City.

6pm – 7.30pm

Level 5 Function Room at Royal Festival Hall

£10 includes wine

More here- LINK


The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (Online Reading Group). A Poetry School course with Chris McCabe and Victoria Bean

The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (Online Reading Group)

Understanding visual poetry gives all poets an understanding of the essential but often hidden details of how poems work. This online reading course invites you to immerse yourself in the world of 21st century visual poetry with the editors of The New Concrete (Hayward Publishing) a major new anthology of this genre. Victoria Bean and Chris McCabe have worked with over 100 artists over a two year period and will instigate discussion around the new approaches, ideas and techniques being used in visual poetry. You will get the chance to explore new work being created at the intersection of visual art and literature and see how digital text, image manipulation, modern printing and the Internet has re-energised an approach poetry inspired by the original concrete poetry movement. You will further understand how the phoneme can be used for syntactic play and for sound effect, how the poem can catch the eye before it is read, how white space is the basis for the essence of a poem and can be seen as part of its cohesive whole, and how all poems in their spacing, breathing, line breaks and stanza shapes are in fact ‘visual’ and can be expressed in multiple ways.


Type: Interactive Online Course
Level: Open to all
Location: Poetry School Online


Start date: Tuesday 15th Sep 2015
Session times: Ten sessions.
Full cost:£20.00

more HERE

Chris McCabe: Speculatrix

Thursday 27 November, 6.30pm

The Priory Church of St John
St John’s Square
London EC1M 4DA

Free but booking is essential as capacity is very limited and if you turn up without a reservation you will not be admitted.
RSVP to info@pennedinthemargins.co.uk

Step back in time as you descend into the twelfth century crypt of the Clerkenwell Priory for a very special book launch. In the deep atmospherics of the ancient church of the Order of St John, poet Chris McCabe introduces and reads from his stunning new collection Speculatrix. Book your place early for what promises to be an unusual and magical event in one of London’s most mysterious spaces.

In his most daring collection to date, Chris McCabe delves into the shadowy recesses of London history, bringing forth unsettling anachronisms and revealing the city as a perilous place to exist.

Taking its name from the term for a female spy, Speculatrix is at once the voyeur and the observed. Fame and death are McCabe’s subjects, sifted and strained through his poems’ urgent rhythms. At the heart of the book, a sequence of wild, neurotic sonnets tears at the corpus of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre to conjure a visceral landscape of decay and financial collapse. Extending the collection beyond his trademark urban locale are startling poems for the loved and departed: from the artist Francis Bacon to the poets Arthur Rimbaud and Barry MacSweeney. In Speculatrix McCabe has pulled out all the stops, showing why he is considered one of British poetry’s most exciting and pioneering spirits.

New McCabe/Jenks collaboration

In advance of the flasher

The sixth collaboration between Chris McCabe and Tom Jenks is inspired by Marcel Duchamp and can be found here. As with the previous five, this collaboration is for SJ Fowler’s Camarade project. Selections from it will be presented at the Camarade event at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, London on 25th October.