Colin Herd: LIKE

LIKE by Colin Herd
Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 16pp
Reviewed by James Davies

• I LIKE the way found-texts are written which aren’t quite found-texts

• I LIKE the voice

• I LIKE the alleviated status of the trash written about without that puke-ingusting feeling that you are ‘viewing everyday objects in an extraordinary way’

• I LIKE the condemnation of capitalism

• I LIKE the grotesque & squiggy imagery; esp the mushyness of George Bush Sr. Do sculptures at Madame Tussaud’s get melted down like the Wicked Witch of the West or do they go into storage at the Tate Gallery?

• I LIKE the way the art criticism is done here

• I LIKE the juxtaposition of magik and humanism: see Franz Kline poem

• I LIKE Franz Kline any day of the week

• I am sorry Denise Levertov was so mean to Colin Herd but kinda glad also

• I was enLIKEened to hear him growl. Thank you so much for teaching me how to growl

• There is this woman I LIKE a bit (she’s so naff), who I’ve seen advertising non-aging cream, but I had never heard of Jane Rafter before but I am GLAD that I have done now

• Just LIKE Colin Herd I enjoy watching crap TV sometimes and I LIKE to satirise it. Crap TV is one of many things that needs to be satirised and is evidence enough to agree with Adorno’s threadlike arguments

• I LIKE Colin Herd’s poem about Eva Longoria even though I don’t know who the hell she is: I’m not going to google her but will no doubt get told who she is subsequent to this review

• I LIKE to laugh; laughter is both the happiness and sadness of the people, our escapism and our warning

• I LIKE the way Colin Herd does détournement

• I LIKE to start my day with Nescafe (LIKE hell I do)


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