Transformation Marathon at The Serpentine Gallery

Major American poets Aram Saroyan and Robert Grenier will be at this great all day event at The Serpentine on October 17th.

Among many other topics, the Transformation Marathon invites artists, writers, academics, scientists, musicians and filmmakers to explore the transformative potential of micropolitics as well as changes in art, literature and design; transgender politics and pharmacology; adaptation, the environment and the futurology of cyborgs; bio-engineering and artificial intelligence. In its tenth year, the Marathon also addresses the transformation of the art institution, in a special section with curator and historian Dorothea von Hantelmann and artist Tino Sehgal.

Participants on stage and on air include: Peter Adamson; Etel Adnan; Sophia Al-Maria; Ayşe Gül Altınay; Katherine Angel; Julieta Aranda; Mary Bauermeister; Liz Berry; Nick Bostrom; Roy Boswell; Rosi Braidotti; Federico Campagna; Judy Chicago; Ken Cockburn; Gabriella Coleman; Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks by artist group Myvillages; CA Conrad; Hilary Cottam; Aimee Meredith Cox; Elysia Crampton; Jude Crilly; Abraham Cruzvillegas with Mark Godfrey; Keren Cytter; Deep Lab with Kate Crawford, Harlo Holmes, Madeleine Varner, Joana Varon, and Addie Wagenknecht; John Densmore; Leah Borromeo and Katharine Round as Disobedient Films in collaboration with Jamie Perera; Marcus du Sautoy; Jimmie Durham; Francine Elena; Tim Etchells; Alec Finlay; Gilbert & George and Victoria; Harry Gilonis; Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster; Adam Greenfield; Robert Grenier; Haunted Machines (Natalie Kane and Tobias Revell); Lynn Hershman Leeson; Helen Hester; Adrian Hon; Charles Hope; Juliet Jacques; Alejandro Jodorowsky; François Jullien; Samson Kambalu; Alexandra Kleeman; Bruno Latour; Gil Leung; Candice Lin; Anthony Arthur Long; Catherine Lord; Maurice Louca; Gabriel Ann Maher; Jumana Manna; Christien Meindertsma; Lucy Mercer; Patrick Mudekereza; Nkisi; Jaakko Pallasvuo; Alice Rawsthorn; Rachel Rose; Declan Ryan; Aram Saroyan; Saskia Sassen; Tino Sehgal; Lorenzo Senni; Patrick Staff; Koki Tanaka; Julia Tcharfas; Territorial Agency; Time Is Away; Jalal Toufic; Dorothea von Hantelmann; Peter Wächtler; Binyavanga Wainaina; Mark Waldron; Grace Wales Bonner; Steven Warwick; Eyal Weizman; Kim West; Holly White and more.


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