Hannah Cawthorne residency at Islington Mill

Next week I will be doing a bit of a residency at Islington Mill, to make artworks, which I will have a brief exhibition of on the following week. (More details about the exhibition when I have them 100% confirmed) I want the theme of the work I make to be unexpected outcomes, so I had the idea to invite other artists to come and collaborate with me. Basically, I will be in the gallery space on the ground floor from 10am-5pm everyday next week (and over the weekend too), and people are welcome to just pop in and see me. I will provide all the materials needed. I will be doing a painting, a drawing, and a junk model sculpture.

Also, I’m hoping to set up a kind of interactive game that involves hiding toys and then other people looking for them (it will be a bit like Geocaching – do come and check it out if you have some time Fay – I could do with someone to brainstorm with about how to get it to work properly). So, people are welcome to come and take part in that as well. No art experience needed. If people wanted to donate toys to that project, that would be great. (If it works as I want it to, they won’t get them back though).

More details of the event can be found on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/events/847462805315880/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Via Hannah Cawthorne


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