Experimental poetry in Manchester

James Davies, Ann Matthews and others in St Helens

James Davies, Ann Matthews, and others to be confirmed, at 13:00 on the 14th of March 2015 in the public area of St Helens Central Library as part of The Knives Forks and Spoons pop up reading series.

Central Library, Victoria Square, St Helens, Merseyside , WA10 1DY



David Gaffney: A Pop Star Trapped in the Body of a Flasher

“My girlfriend told me she worked in an office where someone would fly a remote controlled helicopter about and someone else would play a trumpet. That went into a story and my girlfriend now says I stole it from her. ‘You’ve stolen my ideas’, she says. But I didn’t, I just stole her experiences, which I think is all right.”

Other Room reader David Gaffney talks about his work as part of the University of Chester’s Flash Interviews series.

Alan Halsey: Versions of Martial

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons. Click to visit the KFS site.

Liverpool Hugs and Kisses

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A collaboration, originally written for Steve Fowler’s Camarade event in London  by exiled Liverpudlian Hampson and domiciled Liverpolitan Sheppard. They decided to take on the city, but like so many, were left haunted by its history and its pubs. An adjunct to Hampson’s famous Seaport and to other explorations by Sheppard in his recent work concerning the city, this pamphlet is the real thing: Arthur Dooley and Ray Charles rub shoulders in a Ginnassium and The Grapes with Marc Chagall and Kevin Ayres.

Cordite Poetry Review: British and Irish issue

Essays, artworks, poems and more by UK and Irish innovative poets. Click to read.

E.J. McAdams February video 2015 from The Other Room

Lila Matsumoto video from February 2015 at The Other Room


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