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Maintenant! (an International Poetry Course)

Five sessions; five great, European avant-gardes. Explore contemporary innovations in European poetry with British vanguardist S J Fowler, and discover how their remarkable explorations in the written word often compliment, rather than antagonise, more formal writing practice. A course stressing the contemporary, Maintenant! will introduce 5 great poetic movements that will springboard you into new writing techniques, stressing the possibility amidst the history. Covering Oulipo, Austrian modernism, Concrete poetry, CoBra and the British poetry revival, this course – with the energy, dynamism and invention of the movements it explores – will enrich anyone’s poetry horizons. More at the Poetry School website.

Robert Grenier’s Cambridge M’ass reissued

Grenier’s important poem/collection/poster is back in print after some 30 odd years. It’s a must have. It’s been republished by the American press Convultion –

CAMBRIDGE M’ASS should have won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and gotten Grenier a MacArthur too. But it didn’t work out that way. Don’t miss it this time around.

Charles Bernstein

Centrifugal – contemporary poetry from Dublin & Guadalajara

7 poets from Dublin and 7 from Guadalajara exchange selections of their work in pairs and render the work of their partner poet in the opposite language. The emphasis is on re-interpretation rather than traditional translation: the poems become new in the hands of the partner poet while bearing the poetic core of the original.

Centrifugal investigates the multiple possibilities of meaning released through the transfer of texts between languages. The poets’ responses range from rewrites to deliberate mistranslations to dialogues with the originals to entirely new poems. Some make use of a near native-level knowledge of the opposite language, and some require literal translations of the source texts; others resort to dictionaries, web searches or Google Translate.

The writing presented in Centrifugal “strays from the centre, away from the main stream of how poetry and translation are expected to behave”. In addition to providing a record of the work of some of the outstanding poets currently writing in the two cities, this book stands as a significant contribution to the exploration of the relationships between language, geography, identity and poetry.


Alan Jude Moore & Xitlálitil Rodríguez
Anamaría Crowe Serrano & Mónica Nepote
Catherine Walsh & Laura Solórzano
Christodoulos Makris & Luis Eduardo García
John Kearns & José Eugenio Sánchez
Kimberly Campanello & Ángel Ortuño
Kit Fryatt & Ricardo Castillo

For more information, review copies etc please email Christodoulos Makris on akismakris71(at)yahoo(dot)com

Claire Potter video from The Other Room November 2014

Full video below

Close up at this LINK

Don’t forget all our readings are archived in the middle panel.

Difficulties magazine archive available at Eclipse


Modeled on magazines like Cid Corman’s Origin, Tom Beckett’s THE DIFFICULTIES derived its title from an observation made by Charles Olson during a 1962 talk at Cortland, New York, “You know, we live in a time which is very easy itself,” and a line from the third of his Songs of Maximus: “the blessing/ that difficulties are once more.” Six numbers were published by Viscerally Press (Kent, Ohio) between 1980 and 1989.

The first number, edited by Beckett and Earel Neikirk, measured 17.5 x 21 cm; the second measured 20.25 x 27.5 cm; issues 2:1, 3:1, and 3:2 each measured 21.5 x 27 cm, with issue 2:2 slightly oversized at 21.5 x 28 cm. The first number included a small packet of Tom Raworth’s “loose alphabet,” containing a few dried alphabet soup noodles, glued in (the packet is missing from the copy scanned here). The second number featured a textured three-color cover with artwork by Frank Fecko; subsequent numbers featured black-and-white author photos in a cover design by Barbara Bakos. All numbers glue-bound.


New issue of Galatea Resurrects

Issue number 23 of the superb online reviews magazine features reviews of books by P. Inman, Tom Jenks, Lisa Jarnot, Aram Saroyan and lots, lots more.



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