Experimental poetry in Manchester

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

The latest issue of the Journal of British and Irish Poetry is now out, featuring articles on Tambimuttu (Matt Chambers), J.H. Prynne and The English Intelligencer (Ryan Dobran), Ian Hamilton Finlay and Thomas A. Clark (Ross Hair) and Denise Riley (Samuel Solomon). The issue also features conference reports on the Allen Fisher symposium @ Northumbria (SL Mendoza), Literary Collaboration @ Edge Hill (Tom Jenks) and Nomadic Poetics @ Bangor (Steven Hitchens). The reviews section covers The Salt Companion to Maggie O’Sullivan (Joanne Ashcroft), An Andrew Crozier Reader (Alex Latter) and The Ground Aslant (James Wilkes). More here.

Gareth Twose – a preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 13th at The Castle in Manchester and starts at 7pm: see the middle panel for more. Readers are Gareth Twose, Alison Gibb and M J Weller.

Here’s a preview – part nine of his sequence Top Ten Tyres Ltd published by Red Ceilings Press

Did prehistoric man have bone-music discos?
Saturday night femur? The funk-fracturing
of tibia and fibula in the caves of mutually
assured destruction, musical marathons
alternating blisters and bliss in the hard minutes
that follow the clinical cosh. The ear-y discharge
of erotic heat always with a potential for disaster.
Vital that the patient keeps the leg elevated
and doesn’t let it dangle, grinding down
the debts, low and slow, with iceflame austerity.

Sad Press: Verity Spott and Megan Alan

Out now.

Footsy Index #6

footsy 6 (588x800)

Rhys Trimble: Herserix

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

Oystercatcher: James Byrne, Sandeep Parmar, Rod Mengham

Rod Mengham’s Paris by Helen and James Byrne and Sandeep Parmar’s Myth of the Savage Tribes, Myth of Civilised Nations are out now on Oystercatcher Press.

Tim Atkins reading the whole Petrarch

Wowee. Not to be missed. See below.

Tim Atkins will read the whole of his Collected Petrarch published by Crater Press.

30th July 2pm-2am
8 Kennington Park House
Kennington Park
SE11 4JT




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