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Shadowtrain 43

April-May 2015

Kate Ashton romps through slipping seasons; Tom Snarsky shakes a tattered image of himself; David Spittle remembers to leave the door open; Anne Gorrick is sleepless and heartbroken; Katherine Holmes meditates on window-wordless birds; Tim Allen finds a lost ticket for the stars; Sarah James drinks it with down with black medicine; Neil Fulwood admires a small, discreet tattoo; Patricia Farrell pushes to the absolute end; Ian Seed rifles through Tom Jenks’ Items. Board here.

UEA Poetry Festival now booking



+ more tba

Friday 17 April: 18.00 till late (venue tbc.)
Saturday 18 April: 13.00 -23.00 (UEA Drama Studio)

Friday night: entrance free
Saturday: £10 waged, £5 unwaged

For more details, see UEA POETICS PROJECT:

The Enemies Project


New site for SJ Fowler’s ongoing collaborative project. Click on the image for more.

Yesterday’s Music Today Crowdfunder

KFS is attempting to raise £600 in preorders for an anthology edited by the legendary Mike Ferguson & Rupert Loydell. The anthology will be about 150 pages long and will be in A5 or comic book format.  The recommended retail price will be at least £11, but those who order now will get the book for £10 (which includes postage and packaging). You can preorder yours here:
We have also put together 5 money saving bundles that may be of interest:

Save £1+
£10 for a copy of the anthology, which will be approximately 150 pages and have an R.R.P. of at least £11.
Save £6
£20 for a copy of the anthology, and 3 mystery KFS pamphlets.
Save £8
£30 for a copy of the anthology, 3 mystery pamphlets, and one mystery KFS collection or anthology.
Save £10
£40 for a copy of the anthology, 3 mystery pamphlets, and two mystery KFS collections or anthologies.
Save between £11 and £46
£50 for a copy of the anthology, 3 mystery pamphlets, and 5 KFS books of your choosing.
Save between £31 and £136
£100 for a copy of the anthology, 3 mystery pamphlets, and 15 KFS books of your choosing.

This anthology came out a shared enthusiasm for and addiction to music, along with a certain middle-aged nostalgia which emerged as the result of failing to be moved by so much of the music we have greedily devoured over the last few years, and thankfully being intensely moved by some. Music can excite, delight, goad, amuse or bore the listener – it also has the capacity to lodge itself in your brain and be heard in the imagination at the strangest times.This anthology is about that, about spiralling back into memories, about yesterday’s music today: music that has lodged itself in these poets’ hearts and souls, and which never fails to move them when recalled or listened to anew.

It has to be said, we didn’t get the work we expected when we sent out our call for submission. Whilst we share a taste for 70s rock and have differing individual tastes that lean more towards blues and west coast rock or free jazz and post-punk respectively, our contributors here are moved by different things. Squat bands, contemporary and romantic classical composers, singer songwriters, improvisers, glitch artistes and trad jazzers all get a mention here in this fascinating and engaging cornucopia which we hope will surprise you as much as it surprised us as the work arrived.– Mike Ferguson & Rupert Loydell.

Roselle Angwin,Susan Birchenough,Elizabeth Burns,M.C. Caseley,Mike Ferguson,David HartPaul Hawkins,Sarah James,Norman Jope,Jimmy Juniper,David Kennedy,John Lees,Rupert M. Loydell,Stephen C. Middleton,Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper,Sheila E. Murphy,Mario Petrucci,Jay Ramsay,Robert Sheppard,and Angela Topping.

via Alec Newman

Letters to Verlaine

Stephen Emmerson’s Letters to Verlaine has been released as a free download by Deep White Sound. Full length album and 60 page PDF poetry collection.

Litmus Issue 3: the haematological issue

Submissions are open between March 1st-April 15th 2015 for prose, poetry and visual submissions relating to and involving haematology for the Litmus haematological issue. Please send 4-6 poems. Prose submissions should be 500-2500 words. Link.


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