SJ Fowler and Phil Minton at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG. October 7th : 8pm

Soundings comes to an end on October 7th at Kings Place with a new collaborative performance between SJ Fowler and sound art / experimental music legend Phil Minton. The performance is part of a night celebrating Hubbub at Wellcome Collection and tickets are available here.

Soundings has been a series of collaborative sound poetry and sonic art performances held in seven different venues in the city of London over the last 18 months. Each edition of Soundings began with Wellcome Librarians suggesting images, manuscripts and books from the Library’s collections in response to a title initiated by Hubbub curators. More here.

States of Mind

Three events at the Wellcome Collection organised by SJ Fowler:

The Poetry of Consciousness
Thursday 7 July, 19.00-20.30
FREE | TICKETED at Wellcome Collection

From the perspective of the neuroscientist, the poet, the translator – a discussion of the role of language in constituting our consciousness, presenting talks and newly commissioned works for performance on the night.

Featuring: Daniel Margulies, SJ Fowler, Noah Hutton & Jen Calleja.
The Sound of Consciousness
Thursday 14 July, 19.00-20.30
FREE | TICKETED at Wellcome Collection

This event asks what role sound takes in shaping our experience and understanding of consciousness and offers artist’s reflections on the pivotal role sound has in the firmament of our daily lives, drawing from the worlds of neuroscience, anthropology, film, composition and sound poetry.

Featuring: John Gruzelier, Nick Ryan, Vincent Moon & Maja Jantar.
The Narrative of Consciousness
Thursday 21 July, 19.00-20.30
FREE | TICKETED at Wellcome Collection

Within and without language, how does the notion of narrative define our experience of the world through consciousness? An event featuring some of the most dynamic contemporary artists, neuroscientists and writers, exploring how narrative interacts with consciousness and what happens when this begins to break down, whether through trauma or conditions like aphasia.

Featuring: Lotje Sodderland, Srivas Chennu, Sam Winston and Barry Smith.