South West Poetry Tour – films

The South West Poetry Tour was a groundbreaking collaborative poetry initiative bringing together over 70 poets connected to the region moving through Cornwall (St Ives & Falmouth), Devon (Dartington) and Somerset (Bruton & Bath) in August 2016. As well as core touring poets JR Carpenter, John Hall, Matti Spence, Annabel Banks, Camilla Nelson and SJ Fowler, the project featured many dozens of well-known poets of south westerly counties and an open call for participation. Films are now online here, including the above featuring Other Room readers Tony Lopez and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett.

Tony Lopez on his work for the Bury Text Festival

 ‘Works on Paper’ was commissioned in 2008. I stayed in Manchester and spent a few days visiting Bury just finding out about the place, people and history, including the library and archive. Of course Bury is a prime site in the Industrial Revolution both in terms of technical innovation and its rapid economic development as a manufacturing centre. I was particularly interested in Bury’s later position in the early twentieth century as a world-leading producer of paper. This makes sense when you realise that industrial paper production came about as a kind of diversification of the cotton industry after much earlier breakthroughs in mechanical weaving, John Kay’s flying shuttle, programmed looms and so on. They had cotton waste and rags, water and then steam power; factories with highly trained mechanics and inventive engineers, and were very well placed to respond to the explosion of print culture.

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Wor(l)ds in Collision


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This exhibition concentrates on Wittgenstein’s insistence in his later writings on the usefulness of the concept of ‘games’ for thinking about language. There is no one quality that unites all the things we think of as games, and to play a game requires not only rules, but the possibility of testing, breaking, revising those rules. Rejecting the idea that language has one essential purpose, or that meaning is something fixed and transparent, the artworks here are engaged in various forms of play, translation or reconfiguration. Language is physical as well as symbolic. Our experiences lay claim to the traditions and practices that give them meaning, but can be turned back thereon to question and confuse what we might otherwise take for granted. We come to points where ordinary language seems inadequate, but this is not because we lack an adequately nuanced set of concepts, or because we need a better ‘theory’ of language, but because we have not paid enough attention to the particular and the familiar. What frameworks support our observations and convictions? The artwork here in some ways mimics the incompleteness of Wittgenstein’s writing, the unendingness of his philosophical project. Variously they show art as a process of discarding and reassembling, of repetition with variation, of careful attention to presentation and nested meanings, to the balance between authorial control and emergence, between understanding and opacity.

We are delighted to welcome you to this playful collaboration between poets, artists and philosophers, where the boundaries between words and images, meanings and material are plucked, strummed, exalted and trammelled.

Tony Lopez: Nevermore



zimZalla object 023 is Nevermore, by Tony Lopez: silkscreen printed folding card, letterpress sleeve with rubber stamp. 44.6 x 9 cms (unfolded). Hand-printed sans serif letterforms are arranged in threes, located on each plane of the folding card. The text is a variation on Robert Creeley’s statement that ‘form is never more than an extension of content.’ This is a limited edition of 40. More details at the zimZalla site.

Tony Lopez – Two Prints

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Venus appears to shine most brightly in the sky just after sunset. Evening Star, set out as a circle poem and printed in deep blue on satin white, combines topographical and celestial scales in a brief form of words.
This silkscreen print is published in an edition of 10, signed and numbered, available only on
A3 plus: image 297 x 485 mm, paper 386 x 570 mm.

If it were possible, an art of pure ideas must nonetheless rely on language: a matter subject to slippage, manipulation and play, to colour and emotion, to expectations and their subversion, diversion or delay. Ideas Aside is a language game of wooden and metal sans-serif type composed in the press and printed in permanent red ink.
This letterpress print is published in an edition of 20, signed and numbered, available only on
A3 plus: image 260 x 381 mm, paper 350 x 513 mm.