Double Change with Tina Darragh, Marcella Durand et Tonya Foster

double change, The Poetry Foundation,

la galerie éof, la bibliothèque anglophone d’Angers,

la Maison des écrivains et de la littérature d’Angers,

la Maison de la poésie de Nantes et les éditions joca seria

vous invitent

au festival ‘poésie : usa’

 avec les poètes Tina Darragh, Marcella Durand et Tonya Foster

 Mardi 6 décembre, 19h30, lectures & book launch, galerie éof, 15 rue Saint Fiacre, 75002 PARIS,

 Mercredi 7 décembre, 19h, lectures, Bibliothèque anglophone d’Angers,  60 rue Boisnet, 49100 ANGERS,,

 Jeudi 8 décembre, 19h30, lectures et entretiens, Le Pannonica, 9 rue Basse-Porte, 44000 NANTES. Festival Midi Minuit Poésie

 À cette occasion les éditions joca seria publient :

De coin à corner de Tina Darragh,

Le jardin de M. de Marcella Durand et

La grammaire des os de Tonya Foster traduits par Olivier Brossard et Béatrice Trotignon.

Recreating Baghdad’s Lost Literary Street

Named for a tenth-century poet and revolutionary who lived in what is now Iraq, Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad was the center of the city’s intellectual and literary life. It was home to booksellers, stationery stores, antiquarian bookstores, and cafes as famous for the ideas that flowed freely as for their pungent coffee.

In 2007, a car bomb exploded on Al-Mutanabbi Street, killing 30 and injuring another 100. Residents of Baghdad felt it as not just another attack but a strike against the richness of Iraqi literary history and against the free exchange of ideas and openness of thought. Books and papers lay scattered and charred beside the corpses on Al-Mutanabbi Street that day in March.

Beau Beausoleil, an American poet and bookseller based in San Francisco, was inspired to act. He created the Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project because “I felt this connection between Al-Mutanabbi Street and here, and myself, on a visceral level. If I were an Iraqi, a bookseller, a poet, I would be on that street. I felt we needed some sort of response [to the bombing] from our own arts community.”

More about this project including work by Other Room reader Tina Darragh, can be found at the Foreign Policy in Focus site.

The Other Room Anthology 2009/10

A wonderful thing which is now going to press after finding the bugs in the proof.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Features readers from April 2009-Feb 2010: Tim Atktins, Phil Davenport, Lisa Samuels, Allen Fisher, Alex Davies, Matt Dalby, P. Inman, Tina Darragh, Sean Bonney, Frances Kruk, Craig Dworkin, Michael Haslam, James Davies, Tony Trehy, Nick Thurston, Sophie Robinson, Steve Waling, Rob Holloway, Holly Pester.

More details soon when it’s printed.

Tina Darragh and Doug Lang

One for those of you who reside stateside.

September 12th
Saturday, 8 p.m.
at LOF/t
120 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tina Darragh – Deep eco pré, Tina Darragh’s collaboration with poet Marcella Durand, will be published this fall as an ebook by Little Red Leaves. Darragh’s essay “Blame Global Warming on Thoreau?” is included in the )((eco (lang)(uage(reader)) forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. Along with Jane Sprague and Diane Ward, she participated in the belladonna Elders Series #8 (NYC, June 2009). Tina has no desire to maintain her persona as a mild-mannered librarian since Doug Lang included her in his blog on DC poets.

Doug Lang – Doug Lang was born and raised in Wales, and has published poetry and novels in the UK. He came to DC in 1973, where he ran the Folio Reading Series in the late 1970s, and where he has taught writing at the Corcoran College of Art and Design since 1976. He was one of the poets representing DC at the recent Poetry of the 1970s conference at Orono. A collection of his selected poems, In the Works, is forthcoming from Edge Books.


Darragh and Inman – still time for questions

Our interviews with Tina Darragh and P.Inman will take place next week and we are still open to any questions you would like us to ask them. Questions submitted so far cover topics as diverse as politics, the nature of l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e and how to survive as  experimenters and innovators in the 21st century. If you would like to add anything to the pot or just give the pot a big stir, get in touch with us at

P. Inman and Tina Darragh interviews


On July 1st P. Inman and Tina Darragh will perform The Other Room. To commemorate this fantastic reading we will be making a two films – one for Tina and one for Pete  -where they’ll be interviewed. We would like to pose questions set by you. If your question is featured you will be credited at the end of the film. The resulting movies will be hosted here on the site. Please email us: