Streetcake issue 7

The latest issue of the always interesting Streetcake magazine is out now and ready to view, featuring:

  • David Barnett
  • David Berridge
  • Sean Burn
  • Adam Fish
  • Stuart Griffin
  • Heller Levinson
  • Wendy Muzlanova
  • Andrew Rihn
  • Milou Stella
  • Cathy Vella
  • Noel Williams
  • Grzegorz Wróblewski

plus Streetcake’s combo compostion. More here.

Strretcake 7 open for submissions

From Nikki and Trini at Streetcake:

We are also still looking for contributions to our COMBO COMPOSITION! It’s going to be fun, as long as people get involved. Show us your inventiveness and we can celebrate it! (No one will know who you are!)

In the vein of strange combination words like ‘streetcake’, we have decided to open up to suggestions from our witty fans.

This is what you have to do:

 1) Reply to this email OR

 2) be a fan on either Facebook or follow us on Twitter

 3) Add your strange combo ideas to either OR email them back

 4) We will collate all of them and make a strange tribute page to our fans in the next issue!!

 One to inspire you: stingsilence

 We look forward to your input!