Marcus Slease – Rides

“There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate” said Kathy Acker. This is pirate literature. On a train. Partly inspired by Ted Berrigan’s Train Ride from 1971, Rides has a reality hunger. A mash up of memories and  observations on train rides all over the U.K. Out now on Blart Books.


Black & BLUE Illuminations press web_Page_1


Black & BLUE is pleased to present ILLUMINATIONS, a radical new exhibition showing at The Crypt Gallery, London, from the 19th – 21st June. The exhibition explores textual art through a
variety of different media; sculpture, photography, film, painting, ceramics, textiles and works on paper. Featuring works by Robert Montgomery; Julius Kalamarz; Lara Popovic; Anna Pickles Harvey; Hyeran Han; Celia Wickham; Andie Mckenzie Meadows; Lillian Wilkie; Dario Srbic; Kerry O’connor; Simone Barnes; Lindenberg Munroe; Anna Klimentchenko; Christabel Macgreevy; Emma Kelsey; Lewis Lazar; Dane Weatherman; Charles Ogilvie; Stephen Emmerson; Kirsty Andrew; Daniel Leyland; Alice O’Neill. Click on the image to read the catalogue.

Cabaret Hrabal



One of the boundless figures of late 20th century Czech literature, Bohumil Hrabal was a novelist, a drinker, a bon vivant, an avant gardist, a railway dispatcher during the Nazi occupation, a traveling salesman, a steelworker, a recycling mill worker, a stagehand… His novels, which include Too Loud a Solitude, Closely Observed Trains, and I Served the King of England, were censored under the Communist regime, yet have since been translated into nearly thirty languages. A survivor of both the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Czechoslovakia, much of Hrabal’s work juxtaposes the darkness of history to the comic, human-scale happenings of the every-day. His oeuvre is as inimitable as his novels are unforgettable.

Through a half-dozen brand new commissions from some of the most exciting UK based poets, artists, conceptualists, theatre makers and dramaturges, Hrabal will be evoked and enveloped, transposed into some of the most exciting literary experimentalists of contemporary London.

Featuring Zoe Skoulding (sound poetry), Sarah Kelly (book sculptures), Joshua Alexander (film art), Stephen Emmerson (conceptual performance), Marcus Slease (poetry), Tom Jenks (literary experiments), Eva Danickova (stage reading) and Lucinka Eisler (theatre), this is a chance to discover, or rediscover, a great European writer through new and exciting works that pay their debt to the remarkable achievements of Hrabal in the essence of their happening.

Read more at the Czech Centre London site.