Pedicure by Tom Betteridge from Sine Wave Peak


a new book of poems by Tom Betteridge
published by Sine Wave Peak
January 2017

Pedicure remains a pleasure, read at any speed or hovered over. Filtered through a fairy feller’s garden of delights, music layers merge as language zooms through thought to focus bracketed by timed description. Pages twitch body pollen mist to drift across purls in wine. All this under a Gulley Jimson foot: on record, grateful.”
– Tom Raworth
hand-sewn paperback with French folds and a foil-embossed cover, edition of 250

Aram Saroyan, Light – out from sine wave peak

Aram Saroyan, ‘light’
‘light’ is a poem-card intended for display. A single word, light, is debossed onto black card – literally made of light. When there is no light to catch it, the word vanishes. It is revealed only from angles around the room when light, pooling briefly in the furrows of the word’s impression, speaks. As a new work by the author of the controversial poem ‘lighght’ (1965), ‘light’ (2016) – an unprinted poem on a black page – is also a gentle nod back, a witty return, a final condensation.