Total Recall exhibition at Bury Art Gallery


TOTAL RECALL 1 August — 3 October, 2015 


Moss St, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0DR, United Kingdom

How do you remember the people who are important to you? How do you conjure your shared past? Is it in an image, a sound, a smell, a touch? Or do you use words?

We invited world-leading poets and text-artists to make a language-memory for Tony Trehy, who has directed the internationally renowned Text Festival at Bury Art Museum since 2005. This exhibition celebrates a 10-year anniversary of the Festival and a 20-year anniversary of Tony’s time at Bury. Writing on a wall, an Internet search, a diary entry, a flurry of thoughts … what is remembering and who is it for?

Tony Trehy has been the ring-leader of decade-long conversations, new opportunities, challenges and heated debates. Each of his four Text Festivals has added to a continuing dialogue between language and art. Every Text Festival has asked the audience a simple-but-complex question: How do I read?

Into the historic space of Bury Art Museum, Trehy has injected text that is a new ‘language art’ for the 21st Century. Bury was once the centre of paper-making in Britain, now it is a pioneer of language-making, with its Text Archive welcoming readers from all over the world.

TOTAL RECALL is a guerrilla makeover, an A4 invasion of reading into the larger narrative of looking. Unlike the street signs outside, these are not corporate instructions or sales pitches; they are antidotes. Walls, vitrine, archival box—nary a “book” to be found, but a heap of language left in memory.

TOTAL RECALL includes work by local, national and international text-based artists and poets: angela rawlings, Alan Halsey, Barrie Tullett, Carolyn Thompson, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Darren Marsh, derek beaulieu, Emma Cocker, Eric Zboya, Erica Baum, Jaap Blonk, James Davies, Jayne Dyer, Jesse Glass, Karri Kokko, Kristen Mueller, Lawrence Weiner, Leanne Bridgewater, Liz Collini, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Marco Giovenale, Márton Koppány, Matt Dalby, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Paula Claire, Penny Anderson, Peter Jaeger, Philip Davenport, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Robert Grenier, Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen, Sarah Sanders, Seekers of Lice, Stephen Emmerson, Steve Giasson, Steve Miller, Tom Jenks, and Tony Lopez.

— derek beaulieu and Phil Davenport, Curators

Sarah Sanders – with:

with: presents the outcomes of three collaborations between artists that arose from discussions during a series of crit sessions, held at Rogue Project Space, in 2011-2012.  During the sessions one or more of the artists presented an aspect of their practice to the group and conversation developed.  The name of the crit sessions ‘Community of Practice’, referred to the book by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (1991) that describes how a group of individuals with common interests can develop professionally by sharing experiences through storytelling and regular interaction.

From these discussions, common interests and relationships developed organically, and these led to collaborations. Annie Harrison and Jenny Steele discovered similar concerns in mapping of place and history in relation to architecture. Julie Del Hopital and Nicola Dale exchanged ideas about the idiosyncrasies of knowledge and language. Jacqueline Wylie and Sarah Sanders considered a dialogue built through drawing, and enforced physical distance.

with: will show the results from the three collaborations-

Sanders and Wylie’s Skype based conversations on art and learning inspired a series of exercises performed by the artists on and off-line, exploring how communication is mediated by technology.

Annie Harrison and Jenny Steele’s film investigates the canal basin which their studio spaces overlook, using methods which sometimes clash awkwardly and sometimes merge.

Del Hopital and Dale’s collaboration “Stalker” simultaneously presents analogue and digital footage of the day the artists let objects with very personal meanings sink or sail away on the River Mersey.

The artists have invited writer and curator ‘Lauren Velvick’ to reflect on the collaborations within a text available to the public at the event.


PV Friday 18th October 2013 6-9pm

Open Saturday 19th October + Sunday 20th October 2013 1-4pm

Open Crit: Saturday 19th October 2013 3-4pm  ALL WELCOME

Rogue Project Space

66-72 Chapeltown Street, Piccadilly

Manchester, M1 2WH

For further information:

Rogue Artist Studios and Project Space

Community of Practice


A group exhibition realised by Sarah Sanders and developed into a collaborative project with Julie Del’Hopital, Ian Irvine and John Lynch.

Carefully chosen artists have been invited to respond to the theme Android, originating from the Greek words ‘andro’ meaning man (or human) and ‘eidos’ meaning like or likeness. These new artworks are varied in media and together create an intense visual and audio experience to captivate the viewer.

Confirmed artists: Matthew Bamber, Tom Baskeyfield, Sandra Bouguerch, Margaret Cahill, Nina Chua, Julie Del’Hopital, Paul Dodgson, Pat Flynn, Daniel Fogarty, Evi Grigoropoulou, Ben Gwilliam, Antony Hall, Ian Irvine, Laurence Lane, John Lynch, Daksha Patel, Evangelica Spiliopoulou, Beth Ward. Denis Whiteside and Jacqueline Wylie.

Live Performances from Naomi Kashiwagi and Sarah Sanders plus an artist talk will take place on 8th June, 2-4pm.

4A Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN. More here.

Text Festival 2011 begins this Saturday

The Text Festival weekend launches in Bury on Saturday morning – details of the exhibitions attached – opening performances by

11.00 am Marco Giovenale (from Italy)

11.20 Helen White and Moniek Darge (from Belgium)

11.45 Márton Koppány (from Hungary)

Sarah Sanders will do a spontaneous performance sometime in the morning (when the moment is right)

Helmut Lemke and Hans Specht will perform a durational conversational artwork from about 11.15 am for 4 hours.

LINK to rest of programme