If a Leaf Falls Press: Season 2 finale

‘Mayfair in Peckham‘—Minimalist 21st century lifestyle analysis in Sex & the City 2 by Susan Finlay

Who is the mayor of Miami‘—Joe Brainard inversions for when you remember you remember nothing in I Don’t Remember by Zain Aslam

‘yes, those are flamingos’— Lorca/Jack Spicer redux feat. a WHITE HORSE in cante jondo mixtape by Rowan Evans

‘His last words were not ‘Mehr Lict!”— Contemplate inevitable death in About the Author by James Carter

+ a limited edition riso printed broadside by Monica McClure, designed by Sean Roy Parker.


Safe Mode by Sam Riviere

‘In Safe Mode, Sam Riviere boots us into a brazenly undesirable working environment. It’s an atmosphere, a tint, it’s what might happen when clicking back and forth between tabs in this or that rental dump, shifting mental zones, measuring out days through data and the het-up in-folding of strangers. Sam’s major flair is for channelling our maladapted, disassociated softwares. Broken spam filters, tick removal, the world’s saddest polar bear, undealt-with undertones and a ghostly parade of totemic, masculine constructs rise up out of apparently benign linguistic matter. Like being run through a memory test, repetitions occur in sneaky guises, the faulty bits are re-jostled. In here, words and images are fleeting engagements, but, the text implies, attention is your resource – and, if you stay around and look again, you’ll find even stranger zones firing up in the background.’ – Heather Phillipson.

Out now on Test CentreSafe Mode will be launched at Burley Fisher Books on Wednesday 12 July at 7pm. Details here.

Martin Palmer – A Preview

Our next event takes place on 23rd June and features Sam Riviere, Sarah Kelly and Martin Palmer. Click HERE for more details.


Martin Palmer is based in Morecambe. A graduate of the Edge Hill Creative Writing programmes, his Deconstructivist poetry has featured on Robert Sheppard’s Pages, and in Question Mark and other works have been performed at events in Liverpool and Manchester. He blogs at Blogtastic.

Sarah Kelly – A Preview

Our next event takes place on 23rd June and features Sam Riviere, Sarah Kelly and Martin Palmer. Click HERE for more details.

Sarah Kelly is a poet and artist currently based in London. She is the author of Ways of Describing Cuts (with Steve Fowler) (KFS, 2012) and Locklines (KFS, 2010) and has published work in various journals, magazines and anthologies including Dear World and Everyone In It (Bloodaxe). Her recent work is primarily focused on the visual and textual and centres around her practice as a hand paper-maker and she featured in the Haywood anthology The New Concrete. She has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally and was the 2015 poet in residence at the University of Loughborough. She has co-edited the Spanish language poetry journal Alba Londres and is the director of Molino Editions. She is currently completing AHRC post graduate research into ‘the page’ at the Royal College of Art. www.sarahelizakelly.co.uk

Sam Riviere – A Preview

Our next event takes place on 23rd June and features Sam Riviere, Sarah Kelly and Martin Palmer. Click HERE for more details.

Sam Riviere’s books include Kim Kardashian’s Marriage (Faber & Faber, 2015), Standard Twin Fantasy (Eggbox, 2015) and 81 Austerities (Faber & Faber, 2012), which won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. He studied at the Norwich School of Art and Design, and holds a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA and was a recipient of a 2009 Eric Gregory Award.http://samriviere.com/


Toynbee Studios, London E1 6AB (Map)
Friday 25 October
7pm, Free
 Readings with Sam Riviere, David Berridge, Tim Atkins, Sarah Kelly, Eirikur Orn Norddahl and Tom Jenks. From the publisher:
“You are invited to join independent poetry publisher Penned in the Margins for the launch of SJ Fowler’s groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary collection Enemies; the result of collaborations with over thirty artists, photographers and writers – each imbued with the energy, innovation and generosity of spirit that has become Fowler’s calling card as a poet.
Meta-diary entries mingle with a partially redacted email exchange; texts slip and fragment, finding new contexts alongside paintings, diagrams and YouTube clips. Animalistic Rorschach blots and behind-the-scenes photographs from the Museum inspire a poetic that is dynamic but unstable: Fowler’s texts walk the high-wire between reason and madness, the individual and the collective, human and animal.
The Enemies are: Tim Atkins, David Berridge, Cristine Brache, Patrick Coyle, Emily Critchley, Lone Eriksen, Frédéric Forte, Tom Jenks, Samantha Johnson, Alexander Kell, David Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Anatol Knotek, Ilenia Madelaire, Chris McCabe, nick-e melville, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, Matteo X Patocchi, Claire Potter, Monika Rinck, Sam Riviere, Hannah Silva, Marcus Slease, Ross Sutherland, Ryan Van Winkle, Philip Venables, Sian Williams”
“An overwhelming assault. The geography is unnerving, almost familiar, then stinging in its estrangement.
Intensity crackles. Tension teases. At what point does collision become collaboration? When do the bandages come off?”
Iain Sinclair