The Crater/Sharon Borthwick Advent Calendar 2018

Via Richard Parker…

This year Sharon Borthwick’s done our advent calendar! The Borthwick Riot Calendar contains all sorts of incendiary material, 25 poems, a colour collage and lots of Xmas cheer – it’s also definitely NSFW. £5 and P&P, it’s on the website now:  Copies will be sent out about the middle of November – orders from outside of the UK may not receive their copies before December/advent.

Also, there’ll be an Cratery Xmas party on the 1st of December at The Field, 385 New Cross Road, London, where we’ll celebrate Sharon’s advent intervention and yuletide cheer. Sharon will read, there’ll be an Xmas performance from the Ninnies and there’ll be a bunch of other stuff too.

Merry advent one and all!

Robert Sheppard – Petrarch 3

Crater 36: January 2016 [sic]. Robert Sheppard, Petrarch 3. The Complete Petrarchs of our time and poetics are splendid, but what happens if you dig down and realise version after version of just one sonnet (Petrarch’s third), stuttering in repetition, re-staging it for voice and situation, from a Scouse dog at Christmas to Jimmy Savile beyond the grave; a twittersonnet or a lengthy semantic poetry translation; a French Symbolist version or a Middle English sonnet? Robert Sheppard’s pamphlet is what happens, leaving a performance of humour, excess, variation, and an uncanny undersong courtesy of Petrarch himself. Confusingly folded, full colour, £4 + p&p. Run of 200.

Koto y yo by Tim Atkins out now from Crater Press

new Atkins product from Crater Press!

Koto y yo documents a year in the lives of a father and daughter living in Poble Sec; a working class barrio in Barcelona. Told in luminous poetic prose, the interlinked stories – echoing the Platero y yo stories of Juan Ramon Jiminez – detail the couple’s adventures and encounters as they wander around the streets. The pages are inhabited by the plumbers, hairdressers, bakers, traveling knife grinders, mechanics, tobacconists, waiters, postmen, mangy cats, and itinerant musicians who populate the neighborhood.

£10 paperback, £15 hardback, both available at 

As it’s Lulu the postage is about the same wherever you are in the world, and if you use this code FWD15 when you purchase you will get 15% off (this is working today, but I’m not sure how long for as Lulu changes the codes pretty often).

Leg Avant: The New Poetry of Cricket

A treasure trove of new radical poetry about cricket and a series of specially commissioned illustrations. Perfect for cricket fans, all avantists and those who’ve longed to know the results of such unlikely comminglings. Contributors include: Tim Atkins; Oliver Baggott; Nia Davies; Ken Edwards; Gregorio Fontaine; Laura Foster Twigg; Chris Hall; John Hall; Alan Halsey; Ben Hickman; Jeff Hilson; Peter Hughes; Peter Jaeger; Antony John; Sarah Kelly; Tony Lopez; Chiaki Matsubayashi; Michaela Meise; Geraldine Monk; Montenegro Fisher; Jèssica Pujol; Andrew Spragg; Ed Suckling; Scott Thurston; Rhys Trimble; Carol Watts; Nick Whittock and Josephine Wood. Out now on Crater Press.

Xing the Zone

Launch of issue one of ZONE. Readings by contributors Tim Atkins, Natalie Bradbeer, Amy Evans, Ollie Evans, Nancy Gaffield, Ben Hickman, Jeff Hilson, Doug Jones, Dorothy Lehane, Richard Parker, Will Rowe, Juha Virtanen, Steve Willey.

New from Crater Press

Crater Press is pleased to announce a Crater pamphlet by Buffalo letterpress buffalo Richard Owens; nine stanzas of ‘Turncoat’ in an attractive articulated broad-but-thin-side arrangement. Anyone who knows Richard Owens will suspect that this will be the real deal and it is the real deal. Two colour; different modes; handprinted, unusual folding, 36 lines of A* poetry.

Two London events

Tuesday, 18 June: 7.00 at the Daniel Blau Gallery, Hoxton Square, London E:  Amid the Ruins. Kristen Kreider & James Leary, Allen Fisher, Becky Cremin and Stephen Willey. FREE

Wednesday, 19 June: 6.00 at the University of London Senate House: Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar. Richard Parker: ‘Ezra Pound: Belated Modernism and objectivist Verse’. All Welcome.



Ian Patterson’s books include ‘Time to Get Here – Selected Poems 1969-2002,’ from Salt Publishing (2003), ‘Guernica and Total War,’ from Profile Books (2007) and a translation of the final volume of Proust’s ‘À la recherche du temps perdu,’ ‘Le Temps retrouvé,’ from Penguin (2003). Barque Press published the chapbook ‘The Glass Bell’ in 2009.



Andrew Duncan’s selected poems, ‘Anxiety Before Entering a Room,” was published by Salt in 2001; the critical collection ‘The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry’ in 2003. He has been the editor of the poetry journal Angel Exhaust since 1992.



Richard Parker is the author of ‘From the Mountain of California,’ from Openned Press (2011); he is the editor of Crater Press, a hand-bound and letter-pressed poetry pamphlet series based in London and Brighton and Turkey.

Upstairs @ THE HOPE, Queen’s Road, Brighton

7:30pm for an 8:00pm start

£4 for all

Robert Hampson, Jeff Hilson and Richard Parker Crater/Veer book launches

Crater Press/Veer Books launch (Tuesay, 04 September 2012)

Tuesday 04 September 2012Birkbeck College, room B02, Malet Street building, from 7.30-9pm.
Map available herefree entry, all welcome

featuring the launch of new publications and readings from Robert Hampson, Jeff Hilson, and Richard Parker

Crater 21: August 2012. Robert Hampson, out of sight.

Robert Hampson is Professor of Modern Literature at RHUL, where he teaches on the MA in Poetic Practice. His ‘Assembled Fugitives: Selected Poems 1973-98’ appeared from Stride in 2000. His most recent publication was ‘an explanation of colours’ (Veer, 2011).

‘out of sight’, like the poster-poem ‘map-loading: 51:31N 00:05W’ (2008), is an exercise in procedural writing and recriture.The single sentence, with its shifting phrasal linkages, responds to recent work by Vanessa Place. It’s also the record of a mis-spent decade
.£3 + p&p.

Crater 20: July 2012. Jeff Hilson, From ORGAN MUSIC: AN ANTI-MASQUE NOT FOR DANCING

Jeff Hilson is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton. His works include Stretchers (Reality Street, 2006), Bird Bird (Landfill, 2009), andIn the Assarts (Veer Books, 2010). He edited The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008). With Sean Bonney he co-runs the Crossing the Line reading series.

‘From ORGAN MUSIC: AN ANTI-MASQUE NOT FOR DANCING’ is a new and ongoing narrative and non-narrative sequence (not) about the English organ adding obfuscation to an already obfusced instrument. Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) was apparently Glenn Gould’s (1932-1982) favourite composer. Decide for yourselves!Other sections of ORGAN MUSIC have appeared recently in VLAK 3, Open Letter and Writers Forearm.£3 + p&p.

Veer 048  R.T.A. Parker – ‘The Traveller & The Defence of Heaven’

Richard Parker works in Turkey, but comes from London.  He’s had two books published; from The Mountain of California… and China, and now this from Veer.

Veer Publication 048 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-45-2]
Projective epic?  End-of-the-world Sci Fi Saga? Sophisticated shaggy dog story? This poem’s mix of allegory, the mock heroic, graphic imaginings, narrative invention and parodic brilliance enriches the account of a city-size spaceship escaping the demise of our solar system. At the outset the ship’s pilot admits, “I dread | the dé | noument / Of this | myster | ious / Story | between | the stars ”, and with good reason. Midway through the poem, come to the end of stellar space, all aboard retire to pods for “many | million / Years of  | forcèd | slumber”. Readers need fear no such fate.(Adrian Clarke)
5×8” size. 108 pages. May 2012. £7.00

Tony Lopez, Works on Paper published by Crater Press

New from Crater Press: WORKS ON PAPER by Tony Lopez At the apex of modernism in the early twentieth century, Bury in Lancashire was the world centre of industrial paper manufacture. Works on Paper by Tony Lopez is a serial poem looking through the history and language of that technical innovation and place of trade. The poem was written in 2008, first performed at the Text Festival in 2009, and printed on (130gsm) Hahnemuhle old antique laid by Richard Parker in October and November 2011, limited to 100 copies at £4.

Copies are available now at

New Craters; Guthrie / Atkins

The new Crater, the 13th, is Elizabeth Guthrie’s X Portraits; 10 odd and unsettling lyrical non-lyric realizations of portraits of America and Britain.  Accurate representations of modern life!  Each copy includes an individual painted iteration by E.G. reminiscent of 3 stoppages etalon‘s dropped string measure; they all include a wood block by Dirk E. Lee and are letterpressed, handbound &c.  Requires paperknife.  £7 + p&p.  Tim Atkins on Guthrie: ‘Elizabeth Guthrie’s poems – thoughtful, unusual, tender & (of course) tough – do far more interesting acrobatics than so so many of the more – shall we say? – pumped up ones. It is a joy to see her appearing in this latest Crater. Who can say no to it?’
Also: in honour of the impending London Ezra Pound conference, Tim Atkins offers 3 Ezra Pound themed Pet Soundz, available on a poetry-poster with a nice blue rendition of Pound by Gaudier-Brzeska on the other side.  £3 + p&p, available in unfolded or (cheaper) folded format. Guthrie on Atkins: ‘With Tim Atkins’ poetry, it is all where you find (you have found) he has found and placed the voice. It is all vivid joy and sorrow, distinct again and again in its rolling locale, within its expansive palate contemporary and timeless, completely unleashed and discerning as it turns its attention into forms of each and any place of our worlds.’


Crater Press wins Michael Marks Award

The Crater Press has won the Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets award for a UK publisher of poetry in pamphlet form, on the basis of their publishing programme in 2010.

Robert Hampson, Judge, commented:

“We three judges were heartened and impressed by the vitality and strength of character of all the small presses we shortlisted, and we are delighted to be awarding this year’s Publishers’ Award to the Crater Press. Crater take the traditions of book art and fine printing, and add to them a strong editorial line to produce pamphlets that are both traditional and avant garde, as well as startlingly original.”

Congratulations to Crater Press supremeo Richard Parker.

Crater Spring Event

Monday, May 16 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Location The Old Red Lion Pub, Kennington

This is the latest Crater seasonal event – Ken Edwards, Gareth Farmer, Gregorio Fontaine, Rob Holloway and Joseph Luna will showcase their wares in a free and easy poetry enviro. Turn right outside Kennington tube, it’s 100yds on your left. No charge, no dress code.

Rob Holloway, Flesh Rays from Crater Press

The Crater Press is pleased to announce a new articulated double-sided broadside by Rob Holloway from his sequence-in-progress Flesh Rays. The pamph./side contains 7 brain-squeezers; here’s some explanation:

Crater XI samples from the early stages of Rob Holloway’s new prose sequence ‘FLESH RAYS’ that one day will stretch to 107 such sections. One sentence reads ‘All sun’s got inside breath, soft as a head without a ghost.’ Another, ‘Shift left red sun, I’m cutting out a girl of paper.’, so perhaps it’s all about the sun. Then again, we’re instructed to ‘Rinse roads as if bricks were still wrapped in their towels’ so best we head for the hills. The ‘two Asian women soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie’ mentioned in the section ‘Moulded Books’ are real. ‘Reassembling the central crabapple’ is the ultimate purpose of the sequence.