zimZalla at the Hardy Tree

In approaching five years of existence, zimZalla has now published 25 objects. To mark this, there will be an exhibition of all of the objects so far at the Hardy Tree gallery near King’s Cross in London, running from 18th – 30th October. In collaboration with SJ Fowler’s Enemies project, there will be two events during this time, the, first also featuring writers from The Red Ceilings press, on the evening of the 18th and a second event on the 27th.

Endless / Nameless ~ Rachel Sills & Richard Barrett

The gingerbread silhouette of my father
Is absent today I’m perspiring
Or you could say shimmering over a coastline
In a row pegged-out, colour coded
Three weeks’ worth of hearts
A Freudian couch with sponge cake perhaps?
An arrow, a narrowboat, arrowroot blot
A stair-lift stops, temperamentally
I decline to use the honesty box
But am generous for life-guards
On a good day, only on a good day
A magazine before dinner before, later, the paper
The evening smell of tobacco
‘Papa?’  I hear; to which I answer ‘yes, Nicole?’

More at The Red Ceilings.

Dash Booked a Builder by Ollie Evans

Out now from Red Ceilings Press. Ollie Evans is a poet and performer from London. He has been making experimental ventriloquist theatre as a soloist and with his group, Dummy Company, since 2008. His first booklet, Stutter Studies (2011) was published by Department Press. He has had poetry printed in the International Egg & Poultry Review (2011), Depart (2012) and Anything Anymore Anywhere (2012). A book of poems after Dante, The Comedy, is due out through Holdfire Press in October 2012. He is also studying for a PhD on ‘Performance and Finnegans Wake’ at Birkbeck College.

Maintenant: the Camarade project

Maintenant: the Camarade project, Featuring Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe; Patrick Coyle & Holly Pester; Sam Riviere & Jack Underwood; Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne; James Wilkes & Ghazal Mosadeq; Iily Critchley & Tamarin Norwood; Sean Bonney & Jeff Hilson; Marcus Slease & Tim Atkins. With an introduction by Steven Fowler.

Out now on Red Ceilings Press.

The book will be launched at The Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 15th October.

the Songs of Salvador Sanchez

In a limited edition of 40, the Red Ceilings presents the Songs of Salvador Sanchez, the 20th cycle in SJ Fowler’s “Fights” series. The Red Ceilings began as a poetry blog for both new and established contemporary poets and quickly expanded into publishing an ebook series of online and downloadable booklets. They have now started their latest venture – a series of limited edition A6 pocket sized chapbooks. They welcome submissions for the ebook series, chapbooks and blog and like innovative, experimental and avant-garde poetry in particular. For more information email Mark Cobley at theredceilings@gmail.com