Storm and Golden Sky

Storm and Golden Sky at the Caledonia FRIDAY 24th June 2016

Rachel Sills and Mark Greenwood

Up the stairs (at the back of the barroom, above the pub name, above) at the Caledonia pub, Catharine Street, in the Georgian Quarter, Liverpool,

£5, 7.30 pm spot-on start!

Rachel Sills lives in Manchester. She is a co-organiser of the Manchester-based poetry reading series Peter Barlow’s Cigarette, and has books and objects published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press, zimZalla and Red Ceilings Press.

Mark Greenwood is a performance artist/ writer originally from Newcastle but now based in Liverpool. He has presented work across the U.K, Europe and the United States as well as curating the RED APE; a performance platform dedicated to the preservation and legacy of provincial performance art practice in the U.K. Utilising indefinite durational practice and minimal actions as art forms, Greenwood’s interests lie in anthropomorphic puzzles and inter-textual folds.

Storm is run by Nathan Jones, Eleanor Rees, Michael Egan and Robert Sheppard.

Rachel Sills: A Preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 19th at 7pm at The Castle Hotel. See the middle column for more details.
Below is a sample from Rachel Sills’ collaboration with Richard Barrett Endless/Nameless:

Oblivion. Nothing: side-by-side on a bookshelf
Above a bookshelf. Where I keep last year’s diary
Volumes I – III and VI – VIII
They are not a legal proof, dreams
They melt into dark praline shadows
It’s your birthday tomorrow so “best wishes”
Or alternatively “bon voyage”
None of this matters of course (still I worry)
Note: avoid ledges, edges, suspension bridges
One room is not the house taken over
After this the conversation flags, imagining
(Easier to) the end of the world than the end of capitalism
And prefers his seascapes to be stormy
Meaning re time and motion: a different concept entirely


“Across 51 pop-cerebral 14-line poems, Endless/ Nameless dazzles with the minutiae of contemporary life and language. Rachel Sills and Richard Barrett invite us to share in the excitement of their exchange, which feels almost as if they’ve discovered an algorithm for making each line more unforeseen than the last. At times spiky and bristling, at others agonising and direct, and often very funny, this sequence breathes new life into the sonnet form in the way Berrigan and Mayer did. In a synthesised soundscape of television, Greggs outlets and Facebook, in poetry that can jump from Primark to if p then q in a few lines: new and exciting possibilities for lyric expression evolve.” Colin Herd

Out now on The Red Ceilings.

Manchester No Spy Zone anthology

April 12th 2014 at Terrace Bar, Northern Quarter, Manchester Peter Barlow’s Cigarette held a reading to protest against state spying and the creeping erosion of freedom of speech. The pieces performed that night dealt with those topics and more. Manchester Poets Declare A No Spy Zone is the anthology that collects together the work first heard that night. New and original work from 14 poets features in the book: Tim Allen; Richard Barrett; Sue Birchenough; Sarah Crewe; Matt Dalby; Philip Davenport; Joey Frances; Tom Jenks; David Keyworth; Rachel Sills; Chris Stephenson; Scott Thurston; Gareth Twose and Steven Waling. The anthology also features a CD recording from Matt Dalby of his performance on the night – Mass Observation Live. Copies of the book are available from PBC Press.

Endless / Nameless ~ Rachel Sills & Richard Barrett

The gingerbread silhouette of my father
Is absent today I’m perspiring
Or you could say shimmering over a coastline
In a row pegged-out, colour coded
Three weeks’ worth of hearts
A Freudian couch with sponge cake perhaps?
An arrow, a narrowboat, arrowroot blot
A stair-lift stops, temperamentally
I decline to use the honesty box
But am generous for life-guards
On a good day, only on a good day
A magazine before dinner before, later, the paper
The evening smell of tobacco
‘Papa?’  I hear; to which I answer ‘yes, Nicole?’

More at The Red Ceilings.

Gareth Twose, Top Ten Tyres launch

Town Hall Tavern
July 6th, 8.30, FREE entry

Gareth Twose is a former journalist and organiser of Writers’ Forum North.  Recent work has appeared in publications including 3am, Depart, Litter, Assent, Ink, Sweat and Tears, & Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot.   He was co-organiser of the Manchester Poets for Pussy Riot event (2012). Top Ten Tyres is his debut collection.

Rachel Sills lives in Manchester. She has had poems published in Stand magazine, and has a PhD on Frank O’Hara’s poetry.

Richard Barrett lives in Salford. His latest chapbooks The Shangri Las and 3 are forthcoming from, respectively, erbacce press and blartbooks.