Summer Poetry School course with James Davies

Archiving Your Self Yourself: Quantified Self Studio

At a time in which we are archived by others, often through digital means, it seems more and more important to attempt to define ourselves – on our own terms – as individuals and as members of a diverse range of groups. Written attentively, poetry that archives the self is subversive and can present radically different narratives to those purported by digital and mass media. By using methods such as diaries and collation of information one can conduct a close examination of the self as it stands, now and then, to see how it fits into the bigger picture.

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The Poetry School Camarade

There are still a few places left on this weekend collaborative poetry course in association with the Poetry School, led by SJ Fowler at London’s Rich Mix. In addition to two full days of collaborative poetry and poetics, all participants will have the opportunity to perform their work at the Rich Mix on Sunday evening. The course runs Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 July, 1pm – 6pm, plus 7.30 pm performance on Sunday.

Experimental Sonnet Writing – Online Course

James Davies will be teaching an online course for The Poetry School

Experimental Sonnet Writing

Tutor: James Davies

Day / Time: Thursdays, fortnightly, 7pm UK Time

Duration: 5 sessions

First Live Chat: 4 October

Price: £76, £67, £60

Level: open to all

The Sonnet has proved to be the most popular form of poetry over the last 500 years or so. The twentieth and twenty-first century has seen the form reinvented time and time again in staggering ways which suggests there are no end to the possibilities it has to offer. On this course we will explore the form’s malleability and range. By reading a small amount of the key sonnets of modern and contemporary times, whilst considering the sonnet’s heritage, you will write your own 14 liners. Tasks will be based around sonnets written in the last hundred years or so (with a particular focus on the last fifty years).By the end of the course you will be inventing your own methods and processes and adding to this rich tradition. Students should have 5-10 of their own poems ready to work on which they are prepared to treat and manipulate; these need not be sonnets nor in any way complete.

We will be thinking about poets including: e.e. cummings, John Berryman, Man Ray, Matthew Welton, Ted Berrigan, Derek Henderson, Philip Terry, Jen Bervin, Tim Atkins, Tony Lopez, Juliana Spahr, Sarah Riggs

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Beyond the Book

This is a course i’m teaching in Manchester. It’s good to see the Poetry School venture into such things. Please pass on if you know anybody who’d be interested. The details and blurb are below as well as a rough weekly schedule. There will also be a class website.

Beyond the Book: alternative approaches to writing
Tutor: James Davies
Venue: The Tai Chi Village Hall, Manchester
Duration: 10 weekly sessions
Day & Time Tuesday’s, 7.30-9.30pm
Start Date 12th Jan 2010
Cost £99.00 (£76.00 concs)


The blurb reads:

These days, there are endless exciting opportunities for writers in the way that they write; and how they publish, experience and share their work. On this course you’ll do a number of exercises exploring alternative writing styles (including those spawned by the internet), consider the myriad of possibilities of collaboration (both with real and virtual bodies), and think about blogging, social networking and alternative methods of publishing work other than the traditional book.

Weekly schedule:
1. Internet as playground
2. Internet as resource
3. Internet as resource pt 2
4. Systems
5. Translation
6. Tanslation pt 2
7. Collaboration
8. Interventions
9. Class filming, audio and archiving
10. Class production and distribution