Scott Thurston’s Internal Rhyme now archived at PENN Sound

Occassional Readings, Furzeacres on Dartmoor in Devon, UK, July 4, 2010

In this performance Scott Thurston reads the entirety of his book Internal Rhyme (Exeter: Shearsman Books, 2010). Divided into four sections, the book comprises a sequence of eighty poems in total, each constructed in four four-line stanzas which can be read in a vertical as well as in a horizontal direction. For this performance, Thurston experimented with reading two of the book’s sections in both directions. Taking the poems in groups of five, he used two approaches: firstly, reading all five in one direction and then returning to read the same five in the other direction and, secondly, reading each poem in one direction immediately followed by the other direction.

Internal Rhyme develops Thurston’s preoccupation with time and process as compositional elements, as seen in his previous book for Shearman, 2008’s Momentum. The subjects and themes are diverse and include poems responding to Blake, Klimt and Twombly alongside refigurings of the theoretical works of Alain Badiou.


Early Bernstein at Penn Sound

“In the mid-70s, I made a number of audiotape works, some of which were collected and published as Class. Working with Danny Snelson, and in collaboration with Ubu, I have now made a PennSound page of these works. The PennSound page also includes the restored stereo cuts from Class, which I haven’t listed here. All of the works listed here are being released for the first time.”

Via the Charles Bernstein weblog.