Illuminations I : Elfriede Jelinek

Illuminations I : celebrating Elfriede Jelinek
Wednesday April 26th / 6:30pm doors for 7pm start
Free entry (booking required)
Austrian Cultural Forum. 28 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1PQ

New performances, readings and artworks by Hannah Silva, Jen Calleja, Patrick Coyle, SJ Fowler, David Rickard and Esther Strauss

Elfriede Jelinek is one of the most powerful literary figures in Europe, a novelist and playwright of remarkable authority. Her work is marked by its purposeful originality and cutting exposure of bourgeois sensibilities. Profoundly appreciated by readers in continental Europe and beyond, Jelinek’s work is not only vitally contemporary, it is ever more relevant in the UK.

This event, by commissioning contemporary artists, writers, poets and theatre makers to each make a new work responding to the works or life of Jelinek, aims to transpose her brilliance into a new moment – one that will stimulate as well as illuminate. More here.

Talking Performance at the Tate

Tate Modern : July 18th 2015
East Room : Level 6 : 3pm – 5pm
£9, concessions available.

The London based poets, writers and artists Patrick Coyle and SJ Fowler perform new works that push the boundaries of what we understand by performance and poetry. Following an hour of performance this is an opportunity to join them in an in depth discussion to further explore these disciplines and other notions of the avant-garde. More here.


Mopher, where performance, art, writing, poetry, voice, concept and sound meet to wither and perish in order to rise again as something else, more than the sum of its parts. Mopha is a singular art performance / live poetry collective made up of six of the UK’s most accomplished artists / poets – Holly Pester, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and Tamarin Norwood.

Eschewing and mulching the multiple genres of live art and experimental writing, Moffa will premiere it’s work in 2014 at multiple venues in multiple forms.

Exploring notions of fractured speech, aberrant theatre, surreal vocality, performativity and audience expectation, improvisation and its tropes, compressed communication, humour and bleak irony, Moffer aims to create powerful immediate, arresting and unique works of performance that are mindful, and responsive, to their construction and contextual environment. Wholly collaborative and essentially collective, the works of Moffar will pool and mutate the already adept live practices of six powerful performers into a uncommon mesh of theatre, art and poetry.


The First Oxo Conference


Malgras|Naudet, Crusader Mill, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2WH.

Opening / Sculpture with Performances
Friday 19th July 2013
6 – 9pm

Sculpture Post – Performances
20th – 21st July 2013
12 – 6pm


Malgras|Naudet is pleased to present, The First Oxo Conference, curated by gallery member, Daniel Fogarty, as part of our summer 2013 programme, feat. Patrick Coyle, Tom Jenks, Holly Pester and Mark Reid.

Using the word ‘Oxo’ as a tool to look at language (objectively?), and the context of conferences as a format of presentation, ‘The First Oxo Conference’ is an evening of performances, and a weekend of what remains of their sculptural backdrop, that in one way or another relate to the word ‘Oxo’ and its many attributes both formally and linguistically.

The conference is hinged on ‘Oxo’; its physical suggestion of a rudimentary face (two eyes and a nose), its reading as an algorithm, a game of noughts and crosses, a set of orifices where food goes in and shit comes out, an equation or a brand name for a beef or vegetable extract. Throughout the evening the word ‘Oxo’ will be used as a clothes-horse, a device on which to hang a range of new and existing performance works by Patrick Coyle, Tom Jenks, Holly Pester and Mark Reid. Taking the format of a conference (after all, is an exhibition not too static and a meeting not too informal?), the evening brings together a range of performers whose work approaches language from a formal and / or potentially skewed perspective. There is an ‘Oxo’ Tower that looms over all of us, and not just as a backdrop to the Thames.

The speakers have been invited by Daniel Fogarty to perform in front of his vision of an ‘Oxo’ backdrop (…not the Tower), a new sculptural work by Fogarty consisting of a large sheet of hand-dyed material covered in the letters ‘o’ and ‘x’ falling in and out of formation, spanning the width of the gallery. The sculpture sits awkwardly between a nomadic tent and a promotional stand functioning as a backdrop, a temporary piece of architecture, against which the conference’s performances take place. Constructed with the potential for it to be flat-packed and moved from venue to venue, conference to conference, the sculpture / backdrop aims to act as a part of the performance / conference as much as a wall would. It is a passive agent, something like a prompt, prop or post-match analysis backdrop (with great bouncebackability), brought in and out of audience and gallery perspective with a range of text and performance-based works.

The weekend aims to point a finger (pick your ‘Oxo’ expression to match now), if only for a second, in the right or wrong direction, towards the temporary nature of graphical, spoken and written language.


Notes to Editors.
Daniel Fogarty is a Manchester-based artist whose current project is Another Television Ident, presented by VINYL : SITE, Birmingham. Past shows include IDENTS, Cornerhouse, Manchester; Held, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool; The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester. Please contact Helen Collett at for further information.

To find out more about Malgras|Naudet and become a member, please

Patrick Coyle: a preview

Patrick Coyle will perform at the next Other Room on Monday April 8th at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester. For an indication of his singing skills, try this clip of Patrick performing with Holly Pester at SJ Fowler’s Camarade event in 2011. For more of his work, visit his site or his YouTube channel. The other readers will be Sarah Crewe, Rhys Trimble and Chrissy Williams. Previews of all three to follow over the next few weeks.


Flat Time House is pleased to host a weekend of events organised by Reading for Reading’s Sake with:

David Berridge, Maurice Carlin, Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker, Patrick Coyle, Ella Finer, John Hill, Helen Kaplinsky and Stefan Sulzer

UNFIXED is a series of events developed by Reading for Reading Sake (RfRS)

Flat Time House, John Latham Foundation and Archive, London

 2-4 December