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Scott Thurston: Figure Detached, Figure Impermanent

A series of trials set up like islands in a river – noticing where a current is viable even in concealment. A perfect will turns like a needle as a thread of disgust stitched through every day starts to come undone. You slip into the stream.


Michael Farrell: the thorn with the boy in its side

reading [ …] with the light on

after the escalators –

metaphors became metaph-

ors. ‘[ … ]’ [my translation.] & ‘ive always been a

rebel’. i survey

the experimental fencing. the word

‘poets’ in black, on pineapp-

le; the fuchsia in the freezer.

‘chasing’ a sound

down george st: a drag

queen with the name ‘fay doubt’.
‘moving away’ seems too obvious. youre in

the gardens, suddenly conf-

ronted by an expanse of sonnets.

they take your weight.

Sarah Crewe’s flick invicta reviewed by Tom Jenks

“This short book by Sarah Crewe, published by Peter Hughes’ always interesting Oystercatcher Press, poses many questions. The first is: what exactly is it? Is it a long poem, a sequence of poems or a collection of discrete pieces? Reading flick invicta, the reader is repeatedly presented with these questions and is always looking for connections, for a way of navigating the text and understanding its internal wiring. Content is constantly framed and reframed. Perhaps the most pertinent analogy is that of a Venn diagram with many circles of context, voice, syntax and style. Where these circles intersect is where the poetry happens.”

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Sarah Crewe: flick invicta


diamond dove

he deals in doves     with citrine eyes
wades into willow. this road dip was

a river to me.                 confluence of
terraces      militant housing scheme

little bird wades      no fear of sharks
daddy claims animal welfare badge

i have seen this before.  a mermaid
held captive      by tales of finsbury

park ’96. pigeon chick chirps through
catkin           whisker twists and tales

feathers cross tar        tybalt strolls
smiles.  daughter to the prince of cats

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SJ Fowler book launch at the Blue Bus

Red Museum with Knives, Forks & Spoons press

April Tuesday 19th 7.30pm
at The Lamb, 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1N 3LZ<

'A tremendous and persuasive surge of the red and the black: conflicted doctrines, scorched paper. Gothic scripts and plague-year screenplays for an apocalyptic cinema. Death chess. Heretical crusades. Hurt flesh. Fire angels. Madness. A grimoire for a haunted river-city. The poetry lies in the interpretation of malfated woodcuts. It is sinewy, knotted, persistent. And true.'

Iain Sinclair

also to be released, the chapbooks:

Fights XIX: Johnny Tapia with Oystercatcher press

Fights XX: the Songs of Salvador Sánchez with the Red Ceilings press

Tim Atkins Honda Odes and Philip Terry Dante’s Inferno

Tim Atkins – Honda Ode

A5 12pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-41-1

Although largely indescribable, this pamphlet reverses fast
fusing text & photographic imagery in ways which accurately
escape the sensations of making a fireblade or traversing
expensive adverts on a mule & then a tandem.

her pencil sized
cock made me drop
the tea cup

Philip Terry – Dante’s Inferno
A5 32pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-43-5

Everyone’s favourite Gothic nursery rhyme moves to Essex,
where Ted Berrigan takes over as guide.

I cried out

“Take pity,

Whatever you are, man or ghost!”

“Not man, though formerly a man,”

he says, “I hale from Providence,

Rhode Island, a Korean vet.

Once I was a poet, I wrote

of bean spasms,

was anthologised in Fuck You.”

£4 each (inc UK p&p). Cheques payable to P.Hughes at
4 Coastguard Cottages, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 6EL
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