18s edited by Mark Cobley review

Colin Herd reviews at 3 am magazine:
From Raymond Queneau’s audacious sequence Hundred Thousand Billion Poems to Jerome Rothenberg’s radical reimagining of the Hebrew Mystic number system in Vienna Blood, Ronald Johnson’s 99-section long poem ARK, Ron Silliman and Inger Christensen’s use of the Fibonacci sequence and Jackson Mac Low’s systematic ‘diastic’ poems, numbers and counting have been an important structural element in the work of many of the Twentieth Century’s most radical and experimental poetics. With potential for chance procedures, and taking the poem’s structural locus away from the subjective perspective, numerical systems and constraints have often slicked the engines of what William Carlos Williams famously called ‘machines made of words.’


the Songs of Salvador Sanchez

In a limited edition of 40, the Red Ceilings presents the Songs of Salvador Sanchez, the 20th cycle in SJ Fowler’s “Fights” series. The Red Ceilings began as a poetry blog for both new and established contemporary poets and quickly expanded into publishing an ebook series of online and downloadable booklets. They have now started their latest venture – a series of limited edition A6 pocket sized chapbooks. They welcome submissions for the ebook series, chapbooks and blog and like innovative, experimental and avant-garde poetry in particular. For more information email Mark Cobley at theredceilings@gmail.com




Plus-que Parfait is an evolving, open-ended text created by Emily Howard, Mark Cobley & Simon Howard. Emily is a musician & writer & the founder of Ensemble Youkali, Mark blogs at the red ceilings, Simon at walking in the ceiling. Mark & Simon have recent books from The Arthur Shilling Press. The three are not related, except where they are related; they do not live in the same place/space except when two of them do.

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