Total Recall exhibition at Bury Art Gallery


TOTAL RECALL 1 August — 3 October, 2015 


Moss St, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0DR, United Kingdom

How do you remember the people who are important to you? How do you conjure your shared past? Is it in an image, a sound, a smell, a touch? Or do you use words?

We invited world-leading poets and text-artists to make a language-memory for Tony Trehy, who has directed the internationally renowned Text Festival at Bury Art Museum since 2005. This exhibition celebrates a 10-year anniversary of the Festival and a 20-year anniversary of Tony’s time at Bury. Writing on a wall, an Internet search, a diary entry, a flurry of thoughts … what is remembering and who is it for?

Tony Trehy has been the ring-leader of decade-long conversations, new opportunities, challenges and heated debates. Each of his four Text Festivals has added to a continuing dialogue between language and art. Every Text Festival has asked the audience a simple-but-complex question: How do I read?

Into the historic space of Bury Art Museum, Trehy has injected text that is a new ‘language art’ for the 21st Century. Bury was once the centre of paper-making in Britain, now it is a pioneer of language-making, with its Text Archive welcoming readers from all over the world.

TOTAL RECALL is a guerrilla makeover, an A4 invasion of reading into the larger narrative of looking. Unlike the street signs outside, these are not corporate instructions or sales pitches; they are antidotes. Walls, vitrine, archival box—nary a “book” to be found, but a heap of language left in memory.

TOTAL RECALL includes work by local, national and international text-based artists and poets: angela rawlings, Alan Halsey, Barrie Tullett, Carolyn Thompson, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Darren Marsh, derek beaulieu, Emma Cocker, Eric Zboya, Erica Baum, Jaap Blonk, James Davies, Jayne Dyer, Jesse Glass, Karri Kokko, Kristen Mueller, Lawrence Weiner, Leanne Bridgewater, Liz Collini, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Marco Giovenale, Márton Koppány, Matt Dalby, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Paula Claire, Penny Anderson, Peter Jaeger, Philip Davenport, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Robert Grenier, Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen, Sarah Sanders, Seekers of Lice, Stephen Emmerson, Steve Giasson, Steve Miller, Tom Jenks, and Tony Lopez.

— derek beaulieu and Phil Davenport, Curators

Marco Giovenale anachronisms


Marco Giovenale’s anachromisms

Winner of the 2013 
Ahsahta Press Chapbook Contest

Now available! Marco Giovenale’s anachromisms, selected by K. Silem Mohammad as winner of the third annual Ahsahta Press Chapbook Contest.
Marco Giovenale lives and works in Rome. He is editor of, and Or. He is an author of books and ebooks of linear poetry, asemic stuff, photography, and experimental prose. In English, his works include A gunless tea (Dusi/e-chap, 2007) and CDK (Tir aux pigeons, 2009: He has published four e-artbooks (as differx) at Among his asemic works are Sibille asemantiche (La camera verde, 2008), This Is Visual Poetry / by Marco Giovenale (ed. by Dan Waber, 2011), and Asemic Sibyls (Red Fox Press, 2013.) His blog is

“Chomsky once wrote, ‘colorless green ideas sleep furiously.’ What if he meant it? In the course of Marco Giovenale’s funky postflarf confabulation, the world receives some bracingly desaturated interoffice memos. Our little individual protocols go clinking around in their post-Adornian subroutines, an occasional hero prairie-dogs up from his/her cubicle to check out the escape routes, the gods of consumption and bureaucracy rattle their lightsaber apps in the iClouds, and at every evacuated terminus ‘you can feel the hive’s bleeding with sound.’ Perfect reading for subways, storage closets, and decontamination chambers.” —K. Silem Mohammad

AnachromismsSMALL-Web 2

$12.00 USD + shipping

Maintenant #65: Marco Giovenale

There are figures emerging in European poetry that are defined by their refusal to be limited to one form of poetic, who increasingly maintain their central concerns across sound, visual and linguistic mediums. Then within this group, there are those who are breaking new ground, following in the footsteps of poets as agile as Apollinaire and Mallarmé, whose explicit concerns shed new light on what we might consider poetry. Marco Giovenale is one of the most gifted of Europe’s new breed of poets, and a leading practitioner in the field of asemic writing. The remarkable art of asemic text is one of the most enlivening areas of contemporary poetry – a wordless, semantic, post-lingual poetry that utilises the figuration and trace of handwriting and automatic writing to create superimposed abstract poems and ideograms of visual poetry. Drawing influence from postmodern Chinese calligraphy, the work of Brion Gysin, Roland Barthes, Henri Michaux, Christian Dotremont and others, and the field of undecipherable semiotics, asemic poetry is a beautiful and fascinating practise, and Marco Giovenale is one of the most talented and seminal artists in the field. A prolific journalist, publisher and critic and a respected performer across Europe, we are proud to welcome Marco Giovenale as our first Italian poet into the Maintenant series.

Accompanying the interview are eight of Marco’s poems.

The Text Festival 2011, Opening Performances

The Other Room was asked to film the opening performances of 2011’s international Text Festival. This represents less than a quarter of the events took place.

On Saturday 30th April The third international Text Festival opened. The montage at the beginning shows a small percentage of the art on display in three galleries around Bury, Manchester. There are performances here by Marco Giovenale, Helen White & Moniek Darge, Marton Koppany, Helmet Lemke & Hans Specht and Sarah Sanders. The Lemke/Specht performance was a durational piece of four hours. What is captured here is only a small portion of that fabulous piece.

The Text Festival 2011 Opening Performances from The Other Room on Vimeo.

Click Here to see the video in a larger screen

Text Festival 2011 begins this Saturday

The Text Festival weekend launches in Bury on Saturday morning – details of the exhibitions attached – opening performances by

11.00 am Marco Giovenale (from Italy)

11.20 Helen White and Moniek Darge (from Belgium)

11.45 Márton Koppány (from Hungary)

Sarah Sanders will do a spontaneous performance sometime in the morning (when the moment is right)

Helmut Lemke and Hans Specht will perform a durational conversational artwork from about 11.15 am for 4 hours.

LINK to rest of programme

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Via Italian experimental writer and artist Marco Giovenale:

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A newly born blog hosting new stuff & reblogging the contents of the net of 29 blogs or sites edited or co-edited by Marco.

A site founded by Marco and others in 2006  in Italy, to give voice and space to the several facets of the far and recent and present research in the field of experimental poetry, prose, arts.

A blog run by Marco, hosting or linking or reviewing stuff  from all over the world.