FEELINGS film / poetry / sad disco

VOGUE FABRICS, 66 Stoke Newington Rd, N16 (Overground: Dalston Kingsland / Dalston Junction)
14th June 2012 7:00pm to Midnight £3
POETRY Samuel Solomon (US) Linus Slug (UK) Frances Kruk (Canada) Sophie Robinson (UK) Luke Roberts (UK)
FILM Abigail Child (USA) Andrew Kerton (UK)
SAD DISCO DJ Dr. Kemp (10pm onwards)

The English Intelligencer

“Certain Prose of ‘The English Intelligencer’ “ed. by Neil Pattison, Reitha Pattison, Luke Roberts

£6.50 / €8 / $12 | 216x138mm | 224pp


Selections from the correspondence, essays and ephemera circulated in the poetry worksheet ‘The English Intelligencer’ (1966-1968). Featuring previously unpublished and uncollected early prose works from writers including Andrew Crozier, John Hall, John James, Barry MacSweeney, J. H. Prynne, Peter Riley, John Temple, and many others.

Bad Press: subjectivity liberated from the imperatives of purposive activity!

Poems, 4 Poets: Marianne Morris, Luke Roberts, Sophie Robinson, Josh Stanley.
£2.50 + £1 p&p / / $7.

Four poems/poets in one cultural transmission. All poems feature identifiable subjects, thereby furnishing the reader with that distinctly cozy-by-the-fire hint of the middle-brow, whilst maintaining all the feigned legitimacy of dialogue with poetic history that one would expect from a Bad Press publication. What the hell more do you want. CALL THE DOCTOR!

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