Ed Dorn and Jennifer Dorn book launches

With readings from Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, Kyle Waugh, and Sean Bonney
Celebrating the publication of Edward Dorn’s Derelict Air: From Collected Out. Jennifer Dorn’s new book Eastward Ho: The Saga of Vitus Bering will also be available.
6.30 for 7pm Thursday 2 July
at ENITHARMON — 10 Bury Place, London WC1A 2JL
Derelict Air gathers over 400 pages of Edward Dorn’s previously uncollected poetry gleaned from ephemera, correspondence, and notebooks housed at numerous archives in the USA and UK.
Entry is free, but it will fill up so you MUST reserve your seat:
PHONE: 0207 430 0844


The next reading in the Materials Reading Series will take place on Thursday, 23 January, in the Armitage Room (FF) at Queens’ College, Cambridge, 7.30 for 8pm. An EXTENSIVE SOLO READING! Justin Katko will read
from Songs for One Occasion (Critical Documents, 2012), and new work. — ‘COMRADE! Before / Us! The deep time!’


36 pp 200 copies; 17.6x25cm
ISBN: 978-0-9791411-7-1
Published December 2012

Songs for One Occasion contains nine songs, variously beautiful and deformed, with a microscopic three-part novel embedded as intro, median, and outro, all of it written 2011 to 12, and Even You might buy one today at any one of the three fairly world-shattering prices that will imminently follow the colon with which you are about to be presented regardless of however long said action may theoretically be deferred ad infinitum usw, as if hate were cycling to the middle of nowhere where love cuts wit to size and back, turning itself endlessly on and on and on in Mélos Kateglytißménon that doesn’t mean anything ahorita:

Out now on Critical Documents.


Hi Zero #15, Season 2 Opener, a night of contemporary poetry readings, featuring:


Author: The Book of Night Terrors (Salt), and JUBILATE AJAX forthcoming imminently from MOUNTAIN PRESS


Author: DCLP (District and Central Line Project) (Veer), Shuddered, with Aodán McCardle & Piers Hugill (Veer)


Author: The Death of Pringle (Veer/Film Forum), Finite Love (w/The Other Brother) (Critical Documents/Bad), Superior City Song (Crit. Dox), and RHYME AGAINST THE INTERNET (Crater)

Wednesday, 26th September upstairs at The Hope, Queen’s Road, BRIGHTON. Doors 7:30pm.

£4 for all

Critical Documents: three books

*We Are Real: A History* (2012) by Colleen Hind & Pocahontas Mildew – £3 / €5 / $6 – containing “Squick” (Love in a Time of Hollering) & “Trigger Warning” (Precision Riot Mirror) – written 2008 to 2011 – http://plantarchy.us/real.html

Frances Kruk’s *A Discourse on Vegetation & Motion* (2008 / reprinted 2012) – £3 / €5 / $6 – “today is Throat Seal Liquid” – “today I occupy Shidane Arone” – http://plantarchy.us/a-discourse.html

Francis Crot’s *Xena Warrior Princess: The Seven Curses* (2008 / reprinted 2012) – £6 / €8 / $11 – Annotations by Nour Mobarak – Stephen Rodefer: “Not since William Burroughs met the pubescent Leonardo DiCaprio has literary lunch been this naked and succulent.” – http://plantarchy.us/seven-curses.html