New reviews by Billy Mills

A number of new, short reviews are up at Billy Mills’ blog: the journals Reliquiæ from Corbel Stone Press and Uniformagazine from Uniform Books, as well as of derek beaulieu’s collection of essays and interviews, The Unbearable Contact with Poets, from if p then q press and poetry pamphlets by John McVey, Sarah Barnsley and James King.

if p then q Easter sale


if p then q has a big big sale on…

Things can’t get much cheaper than this! The following books are discounted until the end of May. Stock up on a bunch  and save on postage:

Beaulieu, Derek: The Unbearable Contact with Poets Was £5 Now £3.50

Berridge, David: Bring the Thing Was £8 Now £3.20

Clarke, Lucy Harvest: Silveronda Was £8 Now £3.20

Henderson, Derek: Thus &  Was £8 Now £3.20

Inman. P: Written 1976-2013 Was £20 Now £14

Jaeger, Peter: A Field Guide to Lost Things Was £7 Now £4.90

Jenks, Tom: * Was £8 Now £3.20

Jenks, Tom: A Priori Was £8 Now £3.20

Jenks, Tom: Items Was £8 Now £4

Pester, Holly: Hoofs Was £8 Now £3.20

seekers of lice: Encyclops. £4 Now £2.40

Terry, Philip: Advanced Immorality Was £8 Now £3.20

Walker, Nathan: Action Score Generator Was £15 Now £11.25

Williams, Chrissy: Epigraphs Was £4 Now £2

derek beaulieu: The Unbearable Contact with Poets


if p then q is very pleased to announce a new publication of reviews, essays and interviews by poet derek beaulieu. The edition is available at a snip of £5 or as a free pdf edition.

The Unbearable Contact with Poets, derek beaulieu’s second selection of essays and reviews, is essential reading. A keen and shrewd essayist, he marks himself out as one of the key commentators on contemporary concrete and conceptual poetry. The selection includes a substantial review of concrete poetry by women, an exploration into concrete and conceptual poetic representations of the holocaust, alongside interviews with Tony Trehy, Natalie Simpson and Gregory Betts, as well as lots more. The edition is available as a free pdf and as a perfect bound copy.

derek beaulieu is author of eight books of poetry (including a volume of his selected poetry entitled Please, No More Poetry), four volumes of conceptual fiction (most recently the short fiction collection Local Colour: ghosts, variations), 2 collections of critical writing and over 175 chapbooks, derek beaulieu’s work is consistently praised as some of the most radical and challenging in contemporary Canadian writing.

LINK to book’s page