Cardiff Poetry Experiment

The Cardiff Poetry Experiment is poetry reading series whose aim is to curate a space to discuss and listen to contemporary poetry that is suggestive of the experimental.

Holly Pester, John Wilkinson, Rowan Evans.
Tuesday, July 4 at 7 PM. Jacobs Market, West Canal Wharf,  Cardiff, CF10 5DB.

Lullabies and Curses

Lullabies and Curses: Common Rest Launch Party

The Peckham Pelican
92 Peckham Road, SE15 5PY London, United Kingdom
Thursday, December 1 at 7 PM – 11 PM

Come and be sung SONGS OF THE DARK

Please join us for the launch of ‘Common Rest’, a collaborative album of sound works and lullabies with an accompanying book of poems by Holly Pester.

Doors at 7
Performances from 7:30


Nat Raha
Verity Spott
Holly Pester

Linda Stupart
Vera Rodriguez
Mrylyn Tan
Jenny Moore

The project includes contributions by Emma Bennett, Vahni Capildeo, Jenny Moore, Nat Raha, Vera Rodriguez, Verity Spott and Claire Tolan. You can read more about the release on our website here:

Patti Smith, Grayson Perry, Holly Pester, Anthony Horowitz on The Verb

Friday No 27th 2015 on BBC Radio 3 – The Verb, Patti Smith, Grayson Perry, Holly Pester, Anthony Horowitz

Where do you find the permission to be creative? The Verb aims to find out with Patti Smith, Grayson Perry, Anthony Horowitz and Holly Pester.

Patti Smith has just published her second volume of memoir ‘M Train’ (Bloomsbury), a book that follows Patti around New York as she writes, reads and drinks coffee.

Grayson Perry’s recent exhibition at the Turner Contemporary in Margate ‘Provincial Punk’ examined his interests in contemporary Britain from class and taste to war.

Anthony Horowitz has just published his second James Bond novel ‘Trigger Mortis’ (Orion). He explains where he gets the permission to take on another writer’s most famous character.

The poet and sound artist Holly Pester examines the phenomenon of ‘vocal fry’ in a special commission for The Verb.


Holly Pester at Edge Hill

11th November: Holly Pester

At The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk


£4.50 Tickets available on the door.

Holly Pester is a poet, critic and practice-based researcher. Her doctoral research at Birkbeck, University of London examined the poetics of noise and sound media-driven poetry. Her current research seeks to develop innovative practice-led research methodologies in relation to feminist archive theory. Her book on gossip and anecdote as forms of archive enquiry was published by Book Works, 2015 and was developed through a residency at the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College’s Special Collections with Arts Council England support. She currently teaches on Oulipo & the Avant-Garde and Poetic Practice at University of Essex.

Warm up by students of the MA I n Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, curated by Professor Robert Sheppard.

Virgil’s Birthday

Thursday 15th October 2015, 7-9pm. X Marks the Bökship, 42-44 Copperfield Road, London, E3 4RR
An event of poetry, performance and speech acts.
Emma Bennett
Shiv Kotecha
Becky La M’eh’rr

& introduction from Holly Pester

A poet never before hosted in the UK, a travelling artist who may not be fully named, and a performer fresh from a 24hour journey. Join us in celebrating the comedy of their spoken words and their divine proximity.

Shiv Kotecha is a New York poet and the author of EXTRIGUE (Make Now Books 2015), OUTFITS (Troll Thread, 2012) and PAINT THE ROCK (Troll Thread, 2011). Other work can be found at Gauss PDF and elsewhere online. He completes tasks for Collective Task and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at NYU. Instagram @heyguyhere

Emma Bennett is a performance artist and theorist of (stand-up)comedy, and researching for a PhD in Performance Studies at Queen Mary’s, University of London. She has presented her textual, video and performance work in a variety of contexts across the UK and Europe.

Becky La M’eh’rr is an artist and writer currently based in a small Canadian town. She has published and performed her texts and left piles of her books in Berlin, China, London, New York, Vancouver, Vienna, and probably a few other places that she’s forgotten either through deliberate effort or error.

if p then q Christmas sale now on

The if p then q Christmas sale is now on. All books below are available via Lulu with decent postage rates overseas. The more you buy the less the postage!  See if p then q – for more details on the titles

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Philip Terry, Advanced Immorality – WAS £8.00 NOW £4.80 LINK

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Holly Pester: Telephone

Wooden K2 Telephone Kiosk, Burlington House entranceway, Piccadilly W1J 0BD

19th September 2014 – 3rd May 2015.

The first red telephone kiosk designed in 1924 by renowned architect Giles Gilbert Scott is the site for four new sound works commissioned by Measure, a non-for-profit arts organisation. The historic structure installed under the entranceway to Burlington House, Piccadilly was the only wooden prototype made of this iconic design.

Marking the 90th anniversary, Measure will present a programme of sonic compositions by UK-based artists to be listened to through the telephone handset. Presented consecutively artists Holly Pester, Aura Satz, Dan Scott and Lawrence Abu Hamdan will each probe the cultural role of the public telephone, its technological design and its relevance as a site for solitary conversation within a bustling central London setting.

Storm and Golden Sky

Up the stairs (at the back of the barroom) at the Caledonia pub, Catharine Street, in the Georgian Quarter, Liverpool, £4, 7 pm spot-on start!

FRIDAY 27th June 2014

Holly Pester & Evan Jones

Holly Pester is a sound poet, archive-curator and researcher based in London.She has recently completed a practice-based PhD in poetics at Birkbeck, University of London titled, ‘Making Speech-Matter: Recurring Mediations in Sound Poetics and Its Contemporary Practice’. Her practice-work experiments in frequencies of speech, song and articulated noise through performance and installation. She has performed at art events including the Prague MicroFestival 2012, Text Festival 2011 and Serpentine Poetry Marathon 2009, and was a writer in residence at dOCUMENTA 13. Holly Pester’s poetry collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011. See (or rather hear):

Evan Jones was born in Toronto. A dual citizen of Canada and Greece, he has lived in Britain since 2005. He has a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Manchester and has taught at York University in Toronto, and in Britain at the University of Bolton and Liverpool John Moores University. His first collection, Nothing Fell Today But Rain (2003), was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry. He is co-editor of the anthologyModern Canadian Poets (Carcanet, 2010).He is working on a new translation of Cavafy for Carcanet. Did you know Cavafy lived just round the corner from tonight’s venue? Evan did.


Born of a Liverpool taste for variety and drama, Storm and Golden Sky offers literary high style from across the poetic landscape. Programmed by a collective of Liverpool-based poets, Michael Egan, Nathan Jones, Robert Sheppard and Eleanor Rees.

Holly Pester – Bark Leather book review

Holly Pester, Bark Leather, Veer, £5

Holly Pester’s poetry is somewhere in the tradition of Edward Lear, Gertrude Stein, Harold Pinter, Monty Pynthon and Holly Pester.  If you’ve seen Holly Pester leather her poems you can hear her bark in lots of Holly Pester.

This book, from Veer, by Holly Pester, Bark Leather, has a cover image of, what else, but a leather-tree, barking out the word, or sound, ‘leather’ with an all scrunched up face. Bark and leather are of course almost the same things. Read any online dictionary and you will see that both come from the trees since you can peel them both off. And of course cow is as dog is: three letters long, ‘o’ in position 2 and ‘c’ comes before ‘d’. Keep thinking.

The opening poem, Digg Beff, is enough for the purposes of this review to demonstrate how good this collection had on me. If you are ready to join in then bark out loudly and quickly ‘Dig Beff, Dug Bet, Duck Break, dark bed, dit belly, drag bull. Point and flak.’


until they sort of deteriorate and sort of come back up into sight again.

If you look up these string of words quoted from Digg Beff on Wikipedia or even Yahoo Answers you will find that they form an etymological chain spanning the Vikings (Dig Beff) to The Superbowl (drag bull). If you enter them into search engines such as Youtube, where glitching is strictly forbidden, it berates you when it says: ‘An error has occurred, please try again later.’ This makes you feel some bit good ‘cause the world again has fissures.

Bark Leather contains super 8 poems which will made you laugh and will made you cry. The poems are perfect for writing aloud with your friend and include tongue twisters, homophonic plumbing and oven seal shanties.

Talk proper Holly. Twice nightly. Barking.

Jade Massive


Fri Jun 06 2014 at 08:00 pm
RichMix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom

The future of speech, language systems and techno-cognition combined as a one-off show for the theatre at Rich Mix.

This multimedia performance night features top practitioners from fields of poetry, live coding, dance, diy robotics, classical music, animation and theatre, entwined into a twisted symphony of voice, light, bodies and sound.

Oliver Coates
NEW COMMISSION comprising cello, electronics and field recordings, alongside ‘Oraison’ by Messiaen, one of the first compositions written for electronic instruments. Accompanied by newly commissioned video works by Sam Skinner.

Holly Pester
HANNAH WEINER’S CODE POEMS: a re-staging of Hannah Weiner’s 1960’s work, a poem/performance score using the coded signalling system for ships at sea.

Alex McLean & Kate Siccio
BODY CODE creates a feedback loop and conversation through code, music, choreography, and dance.

Karl Heinz Jeron
SIM GISHEL is a multi-media robot. He sings and dances for money, and tries hard to take part in casting shows to become a pop-star.

Nathan Jones & Mark Greenwood
THE NODES series of conversations as radical language events, proposing a future for speech beyond communication.

Torque [LIVE]is part of the Torque programme, exploring the twisting together of language, brain and technology in the 21st century.

Their eyes travel across the pages and their hearts search out meaning

Saturday 26th April at 18:00–19:30. Goldsmiths’ Reading Room, Senate House Library, Russell Square, London, WC1E 7HU

Join Eros Press for an evening of readings and performances at Senate House Library, in association with Domobaal Gallery and The Jarman Film Lab.

Neil Chapman | Peter Jaeger | Rebecca La Marre | Tamarin Norwood | Holly Pester

Convened by Sami Jalili and Sharon Kivland, with Mura Ghosh.

£10 | Ticket price includes a limited edition publication produced for the event. To purchase, please visit:

Withdrawn, intent, deaf and blind to the world, readers commune in silence. They scan and internalise, mouths made defunct in the passage of knowledge, and yet it was not always thus. Saint Augustine marvelled at the way Saint Ambrose read: ‘His eyes travelled across the pages and his heart searched out the meaning, but his voice and tongue stayed still.’ There is a certain amount of argument surrounding the exact moment in antiquity that the text became ingested in silence. Alberto Manguel, among others, suggests that this ‘silent perusal of the page’ was not commonplace until the tenth century. Did we lose something else, along with the innocence of our reading habits? In putting our ears away, as Nietzsche
would have it, did we too lose our voice – ‘all the crescendos, inflections, variations of tone and changes of tempo in which the ancient public world took pleasure’?
Silence is the law of the library, even in a place of such theatrical potential as the Goldsmiths’ Reading Room. In the wings though, in the private monastic spaces of its study carrels, where a reader’s lips can flutter away in a whisper, unheard, loud voices might muster. On the 26th of April, that potential will be realised, as six invited readers will make themselves heard in the silence of the public space. Emerging one by one from the privacy of their cells they will proclaim the meaning that their hearts have searched out.

Runnymeade International Festival

Saturday, 29 March 2014:

12.00-1.00. Readings and performances by students from the MA in Poetic Practice: Carrie Foulkes, Sophia Fratianne, Christian Groves, Kaori Maeda, and Heather Rimington.

2.00-3.15. Rod Mengham, Ben Hickman, Holly Pester

3.30-4.45. Frances Kruk, Aimee Le, Marcus Sleaze

5.15-6.30. Robert Sheppard, Rob Holloway, and Peter Hughes.

Venue: Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton St, London WC1


Mopher, where performance, art, writing, poetry, voice, concept and sound meet to wither and perish in order to rise again as something else, more than the sum of its parts. Mopha is a singular art performance / live poetry collective made up of six of the UK’s most accomplished artists / poets – Holly Pester, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and Tamarin Norwood.

Eschewing and mulching the multiple genres of live art and experimental writing, Moffa will premiere it’s work in 2014 at multiple venues in multiple forms.

Exploring notions of fractured speech, aberrant theatre, surreal vocality, performativity and audience expectation, improvisation and its tropes, compressed communication, humour and bleak irony, Moffer aims to create powerful immediate, arresting and unique works of performance that are mindful, and responsive, to their construction and contextual environment. Wholly collaborative and essentially collective, the works of Moffar will pool and mutate the already adept live practices of six powerful performers into a uncommon mesh of theatre, art and poetry.


The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry


The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry edited by Tony Lopez

It is a remarkable phenomenon that the foremost among recent sites of this interrogation of boundaries has been a series of festivals located in Bury, on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. World leading artists and poets have been brought together in a range of exhibitions and performances that demonstrate a new and productive collision of different cultural enterprises and expectations. Among those shown at the Text Festivals are Fiona Banner, derek beaulieu, Caroline Bergvall, Joseph Beuys, Christian Bok, Brass Art, Marcel Broodthaers, Pavel Buchler, Augusto de Campos, Zeynep Cansu, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Liz Collini, Philip Davenport, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Eugen Gomringer, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Alexander Jorgenson, Satu Kaikonen, Martin Kippenburger, Karri Kokko, Marton Koppany, On Kawara, Helmut Lemke, Richard Long, Tony Lopez, Jackson Mac Low, Hansjorg Mayer, Steve Miller, Kerry Morrison, Maurizio Nannucci, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Holly Pester, Tom Philips, Shaun Pickard, Kate Pickering, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Spencer Roberts, Ed Ruscha, Ron Silliman, Mary Ellen Solt, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Harald Stoffers, Carolyn Thompson, Nick Thurston, Aysegul Tozeren, TNWK, Tony Trehy, Nico Vasilakis, Carol Watts, Lawrence Weiner, George Widener, Ming Wong, and Eric Zboya. Artists, poets and curators working in these overlapping fields have written this book. It includes new essays by Tony Trehy (director of the Text Festivals), derek beaulieu, Christian Bok, Liz Collini, James Davies, Philip Davenport, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Tony Lopez, Holly Pester, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Carolyn Thompson, and Carol Watts.

OUT NOW from Plymouth University Press or via Amazon

The First Oxo Conference


Malgras|Naudet, Crusader Mill, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2WH.

Opening / Sculpture with Performances
Friday 19th July 2013
6 – 9pm

Sculpture Post – Performances
20th – 21st July 2013
12 – 6pm


Malgras|Naudet is pleased to present, The First Oxo Conference, curated by gallery member, Daniel Fogarty, as part of our summer 2013 programme, feat. Patrick Coyle, Tom Jenks, Holly Pester and Mark Reid.

Using the word ‘Oxo’ as a tool to look at language (objectively?), and the context of conferences as a format of presentation, ‘The First Oxo Conference’ is an evening of performances, and a weekend of what remains of their sculptural backdrop, that in one way or another relate to the word ‘Oxo’ and its many attributes both formally and linguistically.

The conference is hinged on ‘Oxo’; its physical suggestion of a rudimentary face (two eyes and a nose), its reading as an algorithm, a game of noughts and crosses, a set of orifices where food goes in and shit comes out, an equation or a brand name for a beef or vegetable extract. Throughout the evening the word ‘Oxo’ will be used as a clothes-horse, a device on which to hang a range of new and existing performance works by Patrick Coyle, Tom Jenks, Holly Pester and Mark Reid. Taking the format of a conference (after all, is an exhibition not too static and a meeting not too informal?), the evening brings together a range of performers whose work approaches language from a formal and / or potentially skewed perspective. There is an ‘Oxo’ Tower that looms over all of us, and not just as a backdrop to the Thames.

The speakers have been invited by Daniel Fogarty to perform in front of his vision of an ‘Oxo’ backdrop (…not the Tower), a new sculptural work by Fogarty consisting of a large sheet of hand-dyed material covered in the letters ‘o’ and ‘x’ falling in and out of formation, spanning the width of the gallery. The sculpture sits awkwardly between a nomadic tent and a promotional stand functioning as a backdrop, a temporary piece of architecture, against which the conference’s performances take place. Constructed with the potential for it to be flat-packed and moved from venue to venue, conference to conference, the sculpture / backdrop aims to act as a part of the performance / conference as much as a wall would. It is a passive agent, something like a prompt, prop or post-match analysis backdrop (with great bouncebackability), brought in and out of audience and gallery perspective with a range of text and performance-based works.

The weekend aims to point a finger (pick your ‘Oxo’ expression to match now), if only for a second, in the right or wrong direction, towards the temporary nature of graphical, spoken and written language.


Notes to Editors.
Daniel Fogarty is a Manchester-based artist whose current project is Another Television Ident, presented by VINYL : SITE, Birmingham. Past shows include IDENTS, Cornerhouse, Manchester; Held, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool; The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester. Please contact Helen Collett at for further information.

To find out more about Malgras|Naudet and become a member, please

Susana Gardner at Birkbeck

Birkbeck Contemporary Poetics Research Centre warmly welcomes Susana Gardner.

Susana will be reading in the gallery housing the exhibition Intellectual Tactility, curated by Holly Pester.

Tuesday 9 July, Peltz Room, (immediate left in the entrance to) 43 Gordon Square, London WC1, 7-9.

Free and all welcome!

Susana Gardner is the author of the full-length poetry collections HERSO (Black Radish Books, 2011) and [ LAPSED INSEL WEARY ] (The Tangent Press, 2008). Her third book, CADDISH, Black Radish Books, 2013 is just out. She has published several chapbooks, including Hyper-Phantasie Constructs (Dusie Kollektiv, 2010) and Herso (University of Theory and Memorabilia Press, 2009). Her poetry has appeared in many online and print publications including Jacket, How2, Puerto Del Sol, and Cambridge Literary Review among others. Her work has also been featured in several anthologies, including 131.839 slög með bilum (131,839 keystrokes with spaces) (Ntamo, Finland, 2007) and NOT FOR MOTHERS ONLY: CONTEMPORARY POEMS ON CHILD-GETTING AND CHILD-REARING (Fence Books, United States, 2007). She lives in Zürich, Switzerland, where she also edits and curates the online poetics journal and experimental kollektiv press, Dusie.