Hi Zero #53

26th September, 7.30 PM. The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA.

Hi Zero returns for another season. Number fifty-three, featuring a complete reading of Verity Spott and Timothy Thornton’s “Poems,” plus more to be announced.


Timothy Thornton’s books of poetry include ‘Jocund Day’ (Mountain Press), ‘Working Together for a Safer London’ (Barque Press), and his poems have appeared in dozens of magazines and journals. He is a composer and musician, and lives in Brighton.

Verity Spott’s books include: ‘Gideon’ (Barque Press), ‘Balconette’ (Veer Books), ‘We Will Bury You’ (also Veer), ‘Trans* Manifestos’ (Shit Valley), ‘Three Poems’ (collab with Megan Alan – Sad Press), ‘Click Away Close Door Say’ (Contraband), ‘Effort to No’ (Iodine), and ‘Poems’ (with Timothy Thornton – Face Press). Work has appeared in Salvage, Prelude, Sundial, Tripwire, Cesura, The Assasin, Litmus, Clinic 4, Alba Londers 07, Romulan Soup Woman and No Prizes issues four and five. She lives in Brighton, where she co-organises the monthly Horseplay night of readings and performances.

Timothy Thornton and Verity Spott wrote ‘Poems’ together, which is published by the beautiful Face Press, and which will be read in its entirety on the night, and available to buy, eat, etc.



Linda Stupart is an artist, writer, and educator from Cape Town, South Africa, recently completing their PhD in the Art Department at Goldsmiths College with a project engaged in new considerations of objectification. They had a solo show at Arcadia Missa in March 2016, ‘A Dead Writer Exists in Words and Language is a Type of Virus,’ and recently launched their debut novella, ‘Virus,’ also at Arcadia Missa. Their work has been the focus of two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and has also recently been shown/performed at Matt’s Gallery, The Showroom, a.m. gallery, the ICA, Gasworks, and Guest Projects in London.



Mitchael Pass is a poet and student of poetry at the University of Sussex.


The usual music from a thing, books, a bar, etcetera. £3 on the door, upstairs at The Hope & Ruin, just down from the station on Queen’s Road, Brighton.

Accessibility information:

The Hope & Ruin has a stepped street entrace of approx. 10-15cm, and two flights of stairs from the pub level to the venue on the first floor. There is a wheelchair accessible gender nuetral toilet on the ground floor of the pub in the stairwell, but the m/f toilets on the first floor (the venue) are not wheelchair accessible. There is a bar in the venue, and plenty of seating.

This information is not exhaustive, so If you have any other accessibility inquiries, please contact us (Joe Luna or Eleanor Careless) or the venue.


Hi Zero 40 – Peter Manson, Holly Pester,Xelis de Toro

Hi Zero Number 40 of the New Year 2016 will feature readings/performances by the following poets:

Peter Manson

Peter Manson lives in Glasgow. His books include “Poems of Frank Rupture” (Sancho Panza Press), “English in Mallarmé” (Blart Books), “Adjunct: an Undigest” and “For the Good of Liars” (both from Barque Press), and “Between Cup and Lip” (Miami University Press, Ohio). Miami UP also publish his book of translations, “Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse”. More Mallarmé to follow, probably. A double-sided broadside, “the science of poetry • the poetry of science” by Manson and Linus Slug, appeared from ninerrors in 2015.petermanson.wordpress.com for more.


Holly Pester

Holly Pester lives in London and teaches at the University of Essex. Her collection of poetry, gossip and archive fanfiction called, ‘go to reception and ask for Sara in red felt tip’ was published by Book Works in 2015. She is currently working on a sound poetry album of Lullabies made in collaboration with fellow poets and artists to be published by Test Centre in late 2016.


Xelís de Toro

Xelís de Toro is a Galician (Spain) writer and performer based in the UK. He has published 5 novels and more than 10 children’s books in Galician, Spanish and Catalan. In recent years his text work has transmutated and spilled into stages and streets in the shape of live art, performance and spoken word. He has published a bilingual collection of poetry in English / Galician called ‘The Book of Invisible Bridges\ (Pighogpress, 2012). His spoken word performances comprise poetry, vocal improvisation and body movement.


And take place on Wednesday 27th January, 2016.

Plus the usual music from a thing, books, bar and people, all taking place upstairs at the Hope & Ruin, just down from the train station on Queen’s road, Brighton.

Doors at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start. £4.


Hi Zero

Hi Zero Proudly Present: Number 24 in the Current Series, Featuring Readings of Poetry by the Following Poets:







Music from a thing, the bar, lights, the whole shebang. Taking place at The Hope, Queens Road, Brighton, on –

TUESDAY 26th November –

£4 entry –

Doors at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.

This will be the last Hi Zero of 2013! Come and celebrate! More info soon! Please spread the word and invite your friends!

Hi Zero

Wednesday 28th August, doors at 7:30pm for an 8:30pm start. £4 entry. Readings from Joshua Clover, Cathy Wagner and Rachel Galvin; upstairs at The Hope on Queen’s Road in Brighton. A new issue of Hi Zero magazine will be on sale for the first time, featuring a special Oakland scene report guest edited by David Buuck and with poems by Andrew Kenower, Lara Durback, Joshua Clover, Wendy Trevino, Bill Luoma, Jackqueline Frost, Jasper Bernes, Juliana Spahr, David Lau and Oki Sogumi, and also featuring poetry by Dana Ward, Cathy Wagner, Jeff Nagy and an essay on Justin Katko, Jow Lindsay, Jonty Tiplady and Kenny G.



Ian Patterson’s books include ‘Time to Get Here – Selected Poems 1969-2002,’ from Salt Publishing (2003), ‘Guernica and Total War,’ from Profile Books (2007) and a translation of the final volume of Proust’s ‘À la recherche du temps perdu,’ ‘Le Temps retrouvé,’ from Penguin (2003). Barque Press published the chapbook ‘The Glass Bell’ in 2009.



Andrew Duncan’s selected poems, ‘Anxiety Before Entering a Room,” was published by Salt in 2001; the critical collection ‘The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry’ in 2003. He has been the editor of the poetry journal Angel Exhaust since 1992.



Richard Parker is the author of ‘From the Mountain of California,’ from Openned Press (2011); he is the editor of Crater Press, a hand-bound and letter-pressed poetry pamphlet series based in London and Brighton and Turkey.

Upstairs @ THE HOPE, Queen’s Road, Brighton

7:30pm for an 8:00pm start

£4 for all


Hi Zero Proudly Presents – No. (#) 16 in this, the current season of Hi Zero poetry readings, featuring the following poets:






More details coming extremely soon, needless to say this can’t be missed, Anthony Barnett, Connie Scozzaro and Andy Spragg,

Monday (MONDAY) 29th October, 2012 upstairs at THE HOPE, Queen’s Road in BRIGHTON (Brighton).

Doors at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start,

£4 for all


Hi Zero 8

Monday 31st October 2011, with Harry Gilonis & Sean Bonney, 8pm start, £4. The Hope, Queen’s Road (just down from the station), Brighton.

Harry Gilonis // Sean Bonney

Gilonis’ work spans decades of writing, composing and criticking, most recently producing some of the most crucial translations of Welsh, Irish, Chinese and Russian poetry on the black market. He has published reams, including (for starters) a stunning version of Mayakovsky’s “Order No. 2 to the Armies of the Arts” in Hi Zero 3.

Bonney is perhaps the foremost British poet of the violent fluctuations between activism and language, an arch and absolutely important thinker in verse that refuses to be thought without a fight. Sean’s _The Commons_ and _Happiness: Poems After Rimbaud_ are both out now.


Hi Zero! #FIVE Contemporary Poetry Readings in Brighton

Via Joe Luna:

Announcing the fifth Hi Zero poetry reading of the season, featuring the tongues in action of:




More info soon. Make sure you can come. ALSO PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: We are NOT at the HOPE this time, but at the OPEN HOUSE. It’s right next to London Road station.

If you’re coming from London, or further afield: From Brighton station, instead of walking out and down the hill, just jump on a train going up to Seaford or Lewes (usually platform 8), and the first stop will be London Road. You won’t need to buy an extra ticket for this journey, as an Anywhere – Brighton ticket covers both Brighton itself and London Road.

Once off at London Road, simply turn left and the OPEN HOUSE is RIGHT THERE.

See: http://tinyurl.com/5st3346 for a map.

Doors 7:30 for an 8 o’clock start – £4 for all.


More here.