Alex Davies – How Vivid the Claret

Other Room founding member Alex Davies has a pamphlet out with Arthur Shilling press. Check it out:

£1.80 (UK & EU only), Arthur Shilling Press, 2011 (24 pages, A6, first 20 copies have unique cover images taken from “Stories for Boys”, the remaining 10 copies are reproduced prints)

To purchase from outside the UK/EU, please contact the editor Harry Godwin



Plus-que Parfait is an evolving, open-ended text created by Emily Howard, Mark Cobley & Simon Howard. Emily is a musician & writer & the founder of Ensemble Youkali, Mark blogs at the red ceilings, Simon at walking in the ceiling. Mark & Simon have recent books from The Arthur Shilling Press. The three are not related, except where they are related; they do not live in the same place/space except when two of them do.

More here.

Via Harry Godwin

Subscribe to Arthur Shilling

Harry Godwin’s estimable imprint is now offering an annual subscription for a highly economical £12. For this, you get at least 6 chapbooks, plus the option to buy more books the press publishes at a discount rate. As if this were not enough, you can even have your name listed on the site and a link to your own site or blog – a fine way to burnish your own poetic escutcheon. More details here.


Cleaves is a new journal collecting poetry from the United Kingdom and Europe. Each area will have an editor, who selects another editor after their issue is complete.

Areas and Editors identified so far include:

London – Sean Bonney
Liverpool/Manchester – Richard Barrett
North East
South-West (Bristol, Dartington & Plymouth)
Cork, Ireland – David Toms
Denmark, Poland and Turkey – Marcus Slease

If you would like to suggest/discuss an area or volunteer to be an editor, please go to and email poet and webmaster Harry Godwin using the link provided on the site.

Here is the guidance for editors that is posted on the website:

3 to 4 pages (this is not strict) of 3 poets (2 + your work, though you don’t have to include your work), from your local area and/or scene of poets.

You may create/commission your own cover of the issue for your area – all covers will be displayed online in a separate document. You may just choose to use the online cover. Anything goes.

Once you have edited your selection together send it to the webmaster (me for the time being: h j g o d w i n @ g m a i l . c o m).

When I have received all of the expected collections I will collate them and send them out to all editors.

You can print the journal any way you see fit – in booklet form (by using Adobe Reader – print as booklet, then you’ll have to print half of it, turn it over manually and print the other half – I have a good method of doing this, e-mail me for help), or as an A4 document or…

Distribute the journal – either through the associated reading series, or at any reading series you attend. You can charge for it to cover your printing costs and the cost may vary depending on how large it is. If there is any profiteering, I would love to see some.

Choose the next editor wisely, and ask them to e-mail or call me.

Thank you for donating your editing time to Cleaves!