@tweetfromengels Manchester, UK

Snapshots in text of homeless lives. Engels wrote about the harshness of 19 Century Manchester; people today who live a comparable existence are the homeless.

This project with homeless people in Manchester, UK is run by arthur+martha arts organisation in partnership with the Text Festival. Other partners were The Big Issue in the North, The Red Door (Bury Housing Concern),
Brighter Futures, The Booth Centre, The Lowry, LOVE Creative, the BBC. Poets and writers who’ve been involved include Steve Giasson, Geof Huth, copland smith, Anna MacGowan. Editors Philip Davenport and Rebecca Guest. The resulting long poem will be tweeted over the coming weeks.

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The Text Festival 2011, Opening Performances

The Other Room was asked to film the opening performances of 2011’s international Text Festival. This represents less than a quarter of the events took place.

On Saturday 30th April The third international Text Festival opened. The montage at the beginning shows a small percentage of the art on display in three galleries around Bury, Manchester. There are performances here by Marco Giovenale, Helen White & Moniek Darge, Marton Koppany, Helmet Lemke & Hans Specht and Sarah Sanders. The Lemke/Specht performance was a durational piece of four hours. What is captured here is only a small portion of that fabulous piece.

The Text Festival 2011 Opening Performances from The Other Room on Vimeo.

Click Here to see the video in a larger screen

if p then q book launches in just over two weeks

if p then q readings & book launches

@ Odder Bar
14 Oxford Road (opposite The BBC), Manchester, UK
23rd June 2010
6.30 pm [1:30 pm Eastern Time in the US]
Free admission

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism
Geof Huth
Tom Jenks
Lucy Harvest Clarke


6.30: Joy as Tiresome Vandalism present Nøjagtig Pamplemousse
7.00: Geof Huth (live stream – watch at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/geof-huth)
7.45: Lucy Harvest Clarke (watch live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tom-jenks-lucy-harvest-clarke)
8.15: Tom Jenks: (watch live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tom-jenks-lucy-harvest-clarke)

If you can’t be there in person use the above URLs to watch on the internet. Please be aware that all times are approximate.

Bob Grumman reviews ntst

Bob Grumann reviews ntst.

Extract and link below:

I was feeling too lousy to post anything here for two or three days, and wouldn’t today, either, although I feel a lot better.   However, today I got a copy of Geof Huth’s NTST, the subtitle of which is the collected pwoermds of geof huth. It’s perfect for a blog entry because I can quote whole poems from it quickly, and because I found some pwoermds I can be quickly insightful about.  


ntst: a continuation

Geof Huth describes the huge overhauls in edits the wonderous book has seen to date –

For the past few days, I’ve been working on the text of my next book. And I have to use the word “text,” because what I’m working on is the layout of the book, but it is also the manuscript of the book. As I work on the book, I remember other poems, tucked here and there in my life, in my memory, in my house. And I pull them out and put them in. The text has grown to 775 words, still not the longest book of pwoermds ever, which honor belongs to the marvelous Finn Karri Kokko.


Geof Huth previews f[lintst)eel

Geof Huth writes about the progress of his up and coming if p then q collection on his blog:

I have spent the night trying to organize my collected pwoermds in some logical and reasonably consistent manner. Now, at the end of the night, I’ve got them in reasonable order and am looking at 100 pages of pwoermds, and about 669 pwoermds total. (Counting them all is made difficult by the fact that I’ve intentionally left in duplicates of some pwoermds, for esthetic reasons.


Geof Huth was feeling unwell

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