The next WF(N) workshop meeting is August 16th, in the function room of the Terrace Bar, Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, 2 – 4 PM.

Bring a poem you like by someone else & and one of your own.

Gareth Twose – a preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 13th at The Castle in Manchester and starts at 7pm: see the middle panel for more. Readers are Gareth Twose, Alison Gibb and M J Weller.

Here’s a preview – part nine of his sequence Top Ten Tyres Ltd published by Red Ceilings Press

Did prehistoric man have bone-music discos?
Saturday night femur? The funk-fracturing
of tibia and fibula in the caves of mutually
assured destruction, musical marathons
alternating blisters and bliss in the hard minutes
that follow the clinical cosh. The ear-y discharge
of erotic heat always with a potential for disaster.
Vital that the patient keeps the leg elevated
and doesn’t let it dangle, grinding down
the debts, low and slow, with iceflame austerity.

WFW(N) dates

The next meetings are August 16th, October 25th and 13th of December. 2-4pm at the function room above Terrace bar, in Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester. Organised by Gareth Twose, WFW(N) is an opportunity for innovative/experimental poets to present their work for feedback in a mutually supportive atmosphere. Ideally, please bring along copies of the work you intend to read for the other group members. Anyone who wants to come along but doesn’t want to read is also very welcome.