Rob Holloway, Flesh Rays from Crater Press

The Crater Press is pleased to announce a new articulated double-sided broadside by Rob Holloway from his sequence-in-progress Flesh Rays. The pamph./side contains 7 brain-squeezers; here’s some explanation:

Crater XI samples from the early stages of Rob Holloway’s new prose sequence ‘FLESH RAYS’ that one day will stretch to 107 such sections. One sentence reads ‘All sun’s got inside breath, soft as a head without a ghost.’ Another, ‘Shift left red sun, I’m cutting out a girl of paper.’, so perhaps it’s all about the sun. Then again, we’re instructed to ‘Rinse roads as if bricks were still wrapped in their towels’ so best we head for the hills. The ‘two Asian women soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie’ mentioned in the section ‘Moulded Books’ are real. ‘Reassembling the central crabapple’ is the ultimate purpose of the sequence.