Junction Box 7

A new issue of Junction Box which: wants to provide a space for poets, primarily, but also for other kinds of creative and critical practitioners, to talk about the world, themselves and the others, in a free and category-open fashion. We declare a bias in favour of the exploratory, the reactive, the immediate, what one might call a spirit of unprepossession, as against reflections in tranquility on carefully packaged residues of experience. By means of essays, reviews, improvisations, anecdotes, eruptions, interviews, manifestoes and the like, Junction Box will attempt to get under the skin of a small portion of the cultural universe, to reveal the swarming inter-cellular activities that make it glow.

Featuring: Sophie Mayer, Felicity Allen and Simon Smith, Kat Peddie, Tilla Brading, Allen fisher and Anthony Mellors, David Greenslade, Penny Hallas, James Davies, Helen Moore, Doug Jones, Alan Halsey and Lyndon Davies