Eric Mottram Conference

The Council Room, 2nd Floor, King’s College London, Strand Building on Monday 23 April. This Conference is to celebrate the man and his archive. Draft programme below. Contact for further details:

Eric Mottram Remembered: “poet, professor and cultural firebrand”.  Monday 23 April, 2018.

A conference sponsored by the Archives Department at King’s College London, WC2R 2LS,  with an exhibition of manuscripts, books and digital material.  Held in the Council Room, 2nd floor of the Strand Building

10.00 am: Coffee, tea and biscuits in the Council Room, 2nd Floor, King’s College, Strand.

10.30: Welcome by Geoffrey Browell, followed by an introduction to the Mottram papers and her recent work on them by Valerie Soar:  Eric, the man and his archive.

11.00:  Allen Fisher on Eric Mottram and Painting

11.45:  Dale Carter on Eric Mottram and Politics

12.30 pm:  Sandwich lunch provided by Archives in the Council Room, and a chance to see some  material from Eric Mottram’s Archive.

1.30:  Juha Virtanen  –  The legacy of the British Poetry Revival and the Materiality of Archives

2.10:  Panel discussion: the legacy of Eric Mottram,   Ken Edwards, Peter Middleton,  Gavin Selerie,  Robert Hampson,  Peter Barry,  and Mike Hrebeniak (tbc).  Chaired by Clive Bush.

2.45:  Questions from the audience.

3.05:  Coffee, tea and biscuits.

3.20:  Audio and visual recordings by Will Rowe (title tbc) and John Whiting

4.15:  Pierre Joris  –   A Transatlantic Turbine:  Eric Mottram in the World Today (tbc)  Close, and a further chance to see some material from Eric Mottram’s  archive

The audience is invited to go to the exhibition of Mottram books and manuscripts led by Geoffrey Browell who will be happy to answer questions.


‘Not memory but a work’: Eric Mottram after 20 Years: addendum

More details about this 19th – 21st November event in the Court Room at Senate House, London which we previously posted about here:

Friday 20th November, 6.30-8.00: Poetry Reading beginning with a Guest Appearance by Paula Claire, presenting the 2 poems she created for Eric Mottram at her Kings Reading 27 Feb 1979 and leading a performance of Mottram’s Precipice of Fishes an aleatory multi-voice piece created for Writers Forum in October 1979. She will be followed by Bill Sherman, Ulli Freer. Gavin Selerie and others.



‘Not memory but a work’: Eric Mottram after 20 Years

More details of this event via Facebook

Thursday, November 19:

Visit to the Eric Mottram Archive at King’s College, London.
1.00 to 4.00.
(Details to follow)

7.30 Xing the Line: Poetry Reading @ The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, London WC1x 0AE
Maggie O’Sullivan and Allen Fisher

Friday, November 20:
10.00 – 10.30: Registration
10.30-11.30: Keynote Lecture:
John Whiting: Recordings of Eric Mottram

11.45-1.00: Mottram and American Poetry
Gavin Selerie: Mottram and Charles Olson
Robert Hampson: Mottram and Ginsberg
Juha Virtanen: Mottram on poetry and performance

2.00- 3.30: Workshop: Eric Mottram’s Legal Poems
Led by Will Rowe

4.00-6.00: Mottram and British Poetry
Simon Smith: Interrogation Poems
Gareth Farmer: Mottram and Veronica Forest-Thomson
Geraldine Monk: King’s Reading

6.30-8.00: Poetry Reading
By participants in conference – and to include poems by Mottram
Saturday, November 21:
10.00 – 10.30: Registration
10.30-11.30: Keynote Lecture:
Clive Bush: ‘Eric Mottram, Muriel Rukeyser and Juhasz’

11.45-12.45: Workshop: Elegy 30
Allen Fisher

1.45- 3.00 Mottram and American Studies
Peter Barry: Mottram as educator
Maggie Humm: Eric, Paul Goodman and Me: Eric as Supervisor
Dale Carter: Mottram and American Studies

3.15-4.15: Workshop: Shelter Island & the Remaining World
Ian Brinton

4.15-5.30: Mottram Miscellany
Frances Presley: Experimental poetry and feminism? Eric Mottram in London
Peterjon Skelt: “He has been a rover of the outer seas: paying attention with Eric Mottram”.
Steven Willey: Girlie Poems: Gender and Naming in the British Poetry Revival.