Damn the Caesars

Four new publications now available, including DAMN THE CAESARS vol. N ($15.00).

NEW WRITING: Keston Sutherland, Justin Katko, Emily Critchley, Luke Roberts,
Francesca Lisette, Dale Smith, Geoffrey Gatza, Josh Stanley, Frances Kruk, David
Hadbawnik, Carrie Etter, Francis Crot, and Rosa Alcala.

FEATURE: New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by
an extended consideration of Allen Fisher’s work by Pierre Joris.

ESSAY: Dennis Tedlock on Alcheringa’s relationship to Language Writing.

TRANSLATION: The Papyrus of Ani translated by Steve McCaffery; writing from
Egyptian poet Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi translated by Rick London and Omnia Amin.

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