Launch party for David Gaffney novel All The Places I’ve Ever Lived


As well as the usual author reading and book signing, this extra-special event will have live entertainment, Mexican vegan food and free wine.Also on the reading part of the bill for the official launch party is cutting-edge poet Tom Jenks (one third of Manchester’s premiere experimental poetry night The Other Room).

There will also be music courtesy a DJ set by members of Monkeys In Love – think Italian horror movie soundtracks, industrial musicals and other exotica – plus a live set by the band Hot Shorts, featuring critically acclaimed and award-winning writers Chris Killen and Lara Williams (formerly of girl group PINS).

The event takes place at The Wonder Inn on Shudehill in the centre of Manchester, on Thursday 18 May 2017, at 6.30pm. Entry is free.

David Gaffney, Dan Berry, Sarah Lowes – The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head

The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head


The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head by Dan Berry and David Gaffney is a Lakes International Comic Art Festival commission. Experimental and original, it’s a live performance of a graphic novel with projected images and specially commissioned music by acclaimed recording artist Sara Lowes. The piece explores relationships, memory, loneliness and obsession in a darkly humorous way, and will also be published in book form. Dan Berry is an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and lecturer.

The first performance is at 6 o’clock on Saturday 17th October at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, as part of the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival.

Tickets are available here

David Gaffney: A Pop Star Trapped in the Body of a Flasher

“My girlfriend told me she worked in an office where someone would fly a remote controlled helicopter about and someone else would play a trumpet. That went into a story and my girlfriend now says I stole it from her. ‘You’ve stolen my ideas’, she says. But I didn’t, I just stole her experiences, which I think is all right.”

Other Room reader David Gaffney talks about his work as part of the University of Chester’s Flash Interviews series.

David Gaffney and Gregory Norminton book launches in Manchester

6.00 for 6.30, Thursday 13 June, Takk café, Tariff street, Manchester
In addition to short readings from both authors there will be a unique spoken word DJ set by Monkeys In Love, and drinks supplied by the amazing Barefoot Wines.
David Gaffney, More Sawn-Off Tales
‘Evanescent moments of connection and happiness. One hundred and fifty words by Gaffney are more worthwhile than novels by a good many others.’  The Guardian
In his fourth collection of short stories, David Gaffney reprises the format of his critically acclaimed Sawn-Off Tales; a brand-new set of pieces exactly 150 words long, each aiming to contain the breadth and depth of an epic. In stories that are laugh-out-loud funny, cringingly weird and desperately sad, Gaffney introduces the possibility of momentary actions that change everything; a swimming man sees a hundred glass eyes at the bottom of a river; a broken vase causes a couple to re-examine their place in the universe; a zoo with only three animals makes a man reconsider the value of everything; and a comedian decides to express himself through the medium of smell. Relationships begin, stutter, then crash to earth, each mundane transaction peeling away the everyday to reveal a canyon of emotion. An expert miniaturist with the ability to stuff an elephant inside a flea.
Gregory Norminton, Thumbnails
‘A writer who relishes every sentence, and gives it moral weight, and yet still manages to come up with a page-turner.’ Prospect Magazine
Thumbnails consists of forty-eight stories short enough to fit into the nooks and crannies of our distracted lifestyles. A Portuguese naturalist loses his life’s work to Napoleon; sexual love flourishes briefly in a retirement home; a grief-stricken father searches the Australian outback for signs of an extinct lizard; Mephistopheles answers his critics and explains the real origins of Shakespeare’s Hamlet; a roguish life is reduced to endnotes in a biography; an Anglo- Saxon bard despairs of his vocation. Myth, social comedy, tragedy and speculative fiction follow one another in tales that vary widely in form and content – united by the task of conveying a complete narrative with the greatest possible economy.

David Gaffney – A Preview

David Gaffney will perform at August 14th 2012 The Other Room alongside Nathan Jones and Frank Kuppner. See the middle column of details of how to attend the event.

Below is an example of one of his flash fictions ALL MOD CONS.

Jake invented a prescription glass windscreen for his car so that he could drive without wearing his corrective lenses. He enjoyed the feeling of freedom – no plastic pads digging into his nose – and it had the added advantage that car thieves couldn’t drive the vehicle unless they happened to have the same degree of myopia. 

Jennifer needed a lift. However, she soon began to complain. She couldn’t see, everything was blurred, and to stop herself being sick she had to stick her head out the window like a dog.

‘You idiot,’ she said to him when he dropped her off.

He wouldn’t ring her again. A permanent relationship would mean grinding the windscreen to suit two different people and he could imagine the arguments – it would be the self-cleaning bed-sheets saga all over again. He went to bed, turned up the shipping forecast and drifted to sleep.

 Click HERE to visit his website

Summer 2012 with The Other Room

Why go to Spain…

Our summer programme is making some progress. Here is what we’ve got so far. Take note that we’re no longer at our 4 year home The Old Abbey Inn but at some cracking new venues.

12th June, @ The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester with Ira Lightman, Marcus Slease & TBA

19th July, @ Leeds Gallery, (not Leeds Art Gallery) with Hazel Smith and TBA

14th August, @ The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester with Frank Kuppner, David Gaffney & Nathan Jones

James Davies and David Gaffney book launches

An invitation to celebrate the launches of

David Gaffney’s The Half-Life of Songs published by Salt (


James Davies’ Plants published by Reality Street (

May 10th, 6.30pm
The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester
This is a FREE event

David Gaffney lives in Manchester and Durham. He is the author of Sawn Off Tales (2006), Aromabingo (2007), Never Never (2008), Buildings Crying Out, a story using lost cat posters (Lancaster litfest 2009), 23 Stops To Hull a set of stories about every junction on the M62 (Humber Mouth festival 2009) Sawn off opera a set of operas with composer Ailis Ni Riain (Radio Three, RNCM, Liverpool philharmonic and tete a tete festival London 2010 ) Destroy PowerPoint, stories in PowerPoint format for Edinburgh festival 2009, the Poole Confessions stories told in a mobile confessional box (Poole Literature festival 2010) and he has written articles for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Financial Times and Prospect magazine. His new collection of short stories, The Half-Life of Songs, is out now, and look out for his current project, Station Stories, in which six writer linked to the audience with wireless headphones, perform short stories in Manchester Piccadilly railway station. See for more.

James Davies is the author of Plants (Reality Street), The Manual Handling Process (Beard of Bees) and Acronyms (onedit); with Simon Taylor, as Joy as Tiresome Vandalism, aRb (if p then q) and Absolute Elsewhere (Knives Forks and Spoons). He edits if p then q ( and is one of the organisers of The Other Room poetry night and website (

Station Stories lightboxes

The images accompanying the work of the six writer participating in Station Stories at Manchester Piccadilly station on 19th – 21st May are now on display in the lightboxes situatated on the Metrolink platform. Click the image above (accompanying Nicholas Royle’s The Lancashire Fusilier) to read more about the Station Stories project.

Station Stories


Station Stories is a unique site specific live literature promenade event using digital technology and live improvised electronic sound. From platform to platform, café to café and shop to shop, six writers take you on a tour of Piccadilly station and read specially commissioned stories inspired by the station and the people who use it and work there. It’s a unique live literature promenade performance featuring live improvised sounds using samples of ambient station noises as they happen.

Station Stories will explore the day-to-day life of the station – its platforms, its workers, the journeys people take, the waiting, the encounters, the thrill, the loneliness, the joy. It will express the peculiar, unique qualities of this marginal, in-between world, where anything can happen and often does.


Audiences are linked to the writer’s microphones by headsets using wireless technology, making the event unobtrusive and ensuring the audience hear every single word, whilst still experiencing the live ambience of the location. A musician accompanies the writers and improvises music using sampled live sounds from the station, manipulating these sounds and playing them into the audience’s headsets between and underneath the text. The writers interact with passing members of the public who may be unaware that a performance is taking place.