pickles & jams by cris cheek

‘pickles & jams’ is out now from the excellent BlazeVOX [books]. Beautifully designed, it contains 99 lyrics and is shipping now. You can order direct through BlazeVOX: http://www.blazevox.org/…/pickles-and-jams-by-cris-cheek-4…/. A clutch of responses to the work are on the BlazeVOX page to wet your appetite.

$4 postage for buyers in the UK and EU . . . making the book worth the price of postage alone. Book and postage for a round $20.

the cut

A new site from Other Room reader cris cheek: almost daily texts and photographic objects thinking about the art of poetry.


Networks have structured our social – and media – development long before the emergence of the “network society.” From the letter-writing networks of the proto-Italian aristocracy to the electrical networks that facilitated industrialization; from the spread of woodcuts, pamphlets, and ballads that supported the Protestant Reformation to the twentieth century emergence of broadcast radio and television networks, media have always been situated in the matrices of networks of circulation and distribution, facilitating historically specific modes of connection. These histories often remain disconnected from research on digital networks, the latest to re-shape our socio-technical environment into a mesh of interconnecting nodes. An archaeological approach, one that routes between contemporary and historical networks, Alan Liu argues, has the potential to regenerate a sense of history that would temper the presentism of digital culture, all too often experienced as instantaneous and simultaneous.

This special issue of Amodern features original research, initially presented in 2012 at the “Network Archaeology” conference at Miami University of Ohio, on the histories of networks, the discrete connections that they articulate, and the circulatory forms of data, information, and socio-cultural resources that they enable. Drawing from the field of media archaeology, we conceptualize network archaeology as a call to investigate networks past and present – using current networks to catalyze new directions for historical inquiry and drawing upon historical cases to inform our understanding of today’s networked culture. In this introduction, we elaborate how network archaeology opens up promising areas for critical investigation, new objects of study, and prospective sites for collaboration within the productively discordant approach of media archaeology.


Other Room events rest of 2013

Some dates for your diary for the rest of 2013 and many readers confirmed.

All events take place at The Castle Hotel, Manchester at 7pm

June 24th – cris cheek, Sarah Crewe, Lewis Freedman
August 15th – Jo Langton, Harry Gilonis and Elizabeth James
October 16th – The Dark Would, Manchester launch
December 4th – TBC

cris cheek: a preview

cris cheek will perform at The Other Room on June 27th at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. This film is of his performance at the Southwest Ohio Poets festival. For more, you can read some of his work at Jacket, this interview at the Poetry Foundation, or his Wikipedia page.

cris cheek: poet, artist, interdisciplinary performer and director of creative writing at Miami University in south-west Ohio, makes a rare visit to Manchester. He has a herstory of collaborative and transdisciplinary practice; as co-founder of Chisenhale Dance Space where he worked alongside Mary Prestidge and with Ghislaine Boddington with whom he founded Shinkansen and cocurated the Voice Over festival. For seventeen years he worked in various text-sound combinations with Sianed Jones, including Slant (with Phillip Jeck). He taught performance writing at Dartington College of Arts during which time he made a substantive body of performance writing with Kirsten Lavers under the moniker TNWK (things not worth keeping). Since then he’s been making and showing works in spoken and projected text-sound, such as Impluperfections and b a c k l i t. Most recent publications include the church, the school, the beer (Critical Document, 2007) and part : short life housing (The Gig, 2009).

The other performers will be Sarah Crewe and Lewis Freedman.