Sarah Jacobs – An Accumulation of Fictions

I have lived quietly in this house for most of my life.
Books accumulated and a space had to be cleared. 100s of volumes of fiction — novels and tales — were selected for the cull.
Before I could dispose of the books I took images of 384 of the volumes and placed them, together with other information, in spreadsheets.
The spreadsheets are a repository for the data.
I also collected text from each volume, following an algorithm which was intended to ensure that I was not just picking out favourite bits, or suppressing parts I did not like.
An Accumulation of Fictions is an aggregate formed from the collected text.

Out now on Colebrooke Publications. The book will be launched on 22nd June with readings from it by M.J. Weller and Richard Makin: Cass Art, 66 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AB., 5PM – 8pm.