Phonica: Five

Phonica: Five features six exciting acts from Ireland, Spain and Iceland presenting a blend of songwriting and sound improvisation; poetry incorporating architecture and design; ‘musique concrète’; translation; poetry and audiovisual art; cello and electronics; and subversions of the expectations around spoken word performance.
Phonica is a primarily poetry and music series with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Conceived, programmed and hosted since early 2016 by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, Phonica aims to explore compositional and performative ideas and to encourage a melting pot of audiences and artists from across artforms.

Phonica: Three

8pm, Wednesday 15 June 2016
Jack Nealons, 165 Capel Street, Dublin 1
Admission Free
Michelle Hall is a visual artist who works with a variety of materials and processes and her work often takes the form of video with scripted voiceover. Throughout her practice she uses objects, images, details and textures as catalysts for narratives that fall somewhere between fact, fiction and myth. She recently graduated from the MA Art in the Contemporary World programme at NCAD with a first class honours and received the Artist’s Support Scheme Bursary from Fingal Arts Office in 2014 and 2015. She also collaborates with other practitioners and has shown collaborative projects at IMMA, Triskel and Pallas Projects. She has exhibited work in group shows at Block T, MART, Draíocht, The LAB and Catalyst Arts as well as other venues across Ireland, France and the UK. She presented her first solo exhibition ‘The Lament of the Jade Phoenix’ at Steambox Gallery in January of this year.
Keith Lindsay is a Dublin based sound artist who works with a wide range of media including music, sound, projection, film, sculpture, and electronics. His recent projects include a solo exhibition “Soundscapes” at the Pallas Project Studios and a new sound works for the Nag Gallery Dublin. He is a member of the experimental arts collective ‘The Water Project’ in which he has performed with in Paris, London, Kiev, Cork & Dublin. His work as a sound designer has been featured in TV documentaries, feature films, short films and interactive media.
Aodán McCardle is a painter, a poet, gardener, tattooist, designer, maker, father, he has delivered babies warm in the dark and wrapped the dead in white hospital cotton. He is a co-editor at Veer Books. His PhD is on Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem though physicality and doubt are the site of meaning and the stance respectively where the action operates. His way into collaboration was as part of London Under Construction LUC. His current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing as a finding out. He grew up in the mountains, moved to the city, lives by the sea.
Michael Naghten Shanks lives in Dublin and is editor of The Bohemyth. Recent publications include the special ‘Rising Generation’ issue of Poetry Ireland Review and The Best New British And Irish Poets 2016 anthology from Eyewear Publishing. In 2015 he was shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize and selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. He has read his work at numerous events, most recently during the International Literature Festival Dublin. Year of the Ingénue (Eyewear Publishing, 2015) is his debut poetry pamphlet. He tweets @MichaelNShanks.
Dylan Tighe is a musician, actor and theatre-maker. His second album Wabi-Sabi Soul – a one-track gapless song-cycle was released in April. It was hailed by The Irish Times as “framing reflective music with remarkable eloquence”. His radio drama for RTÉ Record, based around his debut album of the same name, was nominated for the Prix Europa Radio Prize.
Suzanne Walsh is an audio/visual artist and writer from Wexford based currently in Dublin. She uses performative lectures, fiction and voice to explore  various themes, sometimes around the relationships between animal/humans as well as querying the borders of the self. She also collaborates with film-makers, musicians and other artists frequently. She is part of the Hissen sound group performing in IMMA in June, and is taking part in an upcoming show in The Lab Gallery in November called ‘A Different Republic’. She is an editor of Critical Bastards magazine and is published recently in gorse journal.
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Phonica is a new Dublin-based poetry and music venture with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Conceived, curated and hosted by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, it aims to provide an outlet for the exploration and presentation of new ideas, a space where practitioners from different artforms can converse, and an environment conducive to collaborative enterprise and improvisation.
Phonica: One takes place on Wednesday 20 January 2016 in Jack Nealons (165 Capel Street, Dublin 1) where the curators will be joined by Linda Buckley, Nick Roth, Sue Rainsford and Maurice Scully. Admission is free and start time is 8pm. All welcome.
Linda Buckley is a composer from the Old Head of Kinsale currently based in Dublin. Her music has been described as “exquisite” (Gramophone) “strange and beautiful” (Boston Globe), “glacially majestic” (RTÉ Ten) with “an exciting body of work that marks her out as a leading figure in the younger generation of Irish composers working in the medium” (Journal of Music). Her work has been performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Dresden Sinfoniker Orchestra, Fidelio Trio, Irish Chamber Orchestra and at international festivals including Bang on a Can at MassMoCA, Gaudeamus Music Week Amsterdam and Seoul International Computer Music Festival. She studied Music at University College Cork and Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin. She holds a Ph.D in Composition from Trinity College, where she also lectures, and was RTÉ lyric fm Composer in Residence 2011/13.
Christodoulos Makris is “one of Ireland’s leading contemporary explorers of experimental poetics” (Rick O’Shea, The RTÉ Poetry Programme). His most recent book is The Architecture of Chance (Wurm Press, 2015). He is the poetry editor of gorse journal, and in 2014 he produced and co-curated the transnational poetry collaborations project and tour Yes But Are We Enemies.
Sue Rainsford is a writer based in Dublin and Vermont. Recently, she read at Foaming at the Mouth No.5 and presented at the Art | Memory | Place research seminar at IMMA. She is currently partaking in the Writing Seminars at Bennington College, and is editor of the limited edition publication some mark made.
Nick Roth is a saxophonist, composer, producer and educator. A fascination with emergence, cycle and structure has led to ongoing conversations with scientists and research institutions across the interweaving disciplines of mathematical biology, forest canopy ecology, marine geology and hydrology in search of a conception of music as translative epistemology. Simultaneously subsumed by an insatiable appetite for literature, his compositions often explore the philosophical implications of poetry and the symbiotic resonance of words as sound and image.
Maurice Scully was born in Dublin in 1952. Writing & publishing since the early 70s, his latest (twelfth) book, Several Dances, was published by Shearsman Books in 2014.
Olesya Zdorovetska is a Dublin-based performer and composer originally from Kiev, Ukraine. Her solo projects include ‘Subconscious Songs from Ukraine’, exploring traditional music, ‘Before Speech’ songs without words in search of a musical proto-language, ‘Undefined Pleasure’, discovering the physicality of the instrument through the body of the performer, ‘Poesias Espanolas’, an investigation of Spanish poetry, ‘The Docks’ a sonic response to social and political life and ‘Sounds of Telling’, based on Ukrainian contemporary poetry. Throughout a wide range of other collaborations she frequently performs contemporary classical, jazz, salsa and improvised music. Her current artistic practice also includes scores and sound design for film, theatre and contemporary dance.Her visual art focuses on the exploration of the relationship between photographic image, painting and reality.

Centrifugal – contemporary poetry from Dublin & Guadalajara

7 poets from Dublin and 7 from Guadalajara exchange selections of their work in pairs and render the work of their partner poet in the opposite language. The emphasis is on re-interpretation rather than traditional translation: the poems become new in the hands of the partner poet while bearing the poetic core of the original.

Centrifugal investigates the multiple possibilities of meaning released through the transfer of texts between languages. The poets’ responses range from rewrites to deliberate mistranslations to dialogues with the originals to entirely new poems. Some make use of a near native-level knowledge of the opposite language, and some require literal translations of the source texts; others resort to dictionaries, web searches or Google Translate.

The writing presented in Centrifugal “strays from the centre, away from the main stream of how poetry and translation are expected to behave”. In addition to providing a record of the work of some of the outstanding poets currently writing in the two cities, this book stands as a significant contribution to the exploration of the relationships between language, geography, identity and poetry.


Alan Jude Moore & Xitlálitil Rodríguez
Anamaría Crowe Serrano & Mónica Nepote
Catherine Walsh & Laura Solórzano
Christodoulos Makris & Luis Eduardo García
John Kearns & José Eugenio Sánchez
Kimberly Campanello & Ángel Ortuño
Kit Fryatt & Ricardo Castillo

For more information, review copies etc please email Christodoulos Makris on akismakris71(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camarade IV

Films from SJ Fowler’s Camarade IV event at the Rich Mix, Bethnal Green London. Above is the collaboration between James Wilkes and Christodoulos Makris. Full list below.


Carol Watts & George Szirtes
Holly Pester & Daniel Rourke
Astrid Alben & Sophie Mayer
Ryan Van Winkle & Kirsty Irving
Marek Kazmierski & Stephen Watts
Lucy Harvest Clarke & Stephen Emmerson
James Wilkes & Christodoulos Makris
Roddy Lumsden & Carrie Etter
Daniel Barrow & Ollie Evans

Maintenant #43 – Christodoulos Makris

A scrupulous and gifted writer, Christodoulos Makris is a poet of language over territory, a poet of semblance over culture. Twenty years removed from his home nation of Cyprus, he has developed a reputation in both the UK and Ireland, his current place of residence, as a vital and astute poet. In a generous interview he discusses his knowledge of the poetry scene in Cyprus given its political constitution, how his own work is conceived, and how it has grown in the country he has chosen to live. In the very first Maintenant interview of 2011, we present Christodoulos Makris.

Accompanying the interview are five of his poems.