No Ideas But In Things

Stephen Emmerson & Chris Stephenson.

Available now from Dark Windows Press.

Emmerson and Stephenson’s non-connotational word tennis match, No Ideas But In Things, is a mass scale invention of possible objects in the future: ‘WAG chaingangs’, ‘special needs fireworks’, ‘ewok sponsorships’. And a cataloguing of the trivia that invades our lives in the present: ‘pop star wheelchair’, ‘princess diana wet wipe’. Not least an exercise in creating the wondrous and beautiful: ‘lucozade onions’, ‘telephone chairs’, ‘barrack obama pyjamas’. Rather than playing this game in the psychiatrist’s chair they played it via text message – and it’s worked to their advantage, they get all the wrong words right. (James Davies: Editor ‘if p then q’)

The ABC in Sound Ensemble for The Other Room 35: Bob Cobbing A Celebration

THE ENSEMBLE: Tim Allen, Joanne Ashcroft, Richard Barrett, Leanne Bridgewater, Matt Dalby, Phil Davenport, James Davies, Ollie Evans, Patricia Farrell, Clive Fencott, Alan Halsey, Michael Haslam, Tom Jenks, Angela Keaton, Geraldine Monk, Maggie O’Sullivan, Holly Pester, Robert Sheppard, Adrian Slatcher, Chris Stephenson, Scott Thurston, Gareth Twose, Steven Waling, Steve Willey and Nigel Wood.

Visit Ubu at the LINK to hear letters d, p and t of the ABC in Sound.

The Other Room 35 takes place at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester, M2 4PD. Tuesday 23rd October 2012, 7.00 pm. FREE