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Oct 2016 20160720

Thanks to all who came along last night for a hot and sultry Other Room. Our next event is in the cool of early October and it’s a really special one. We’re very  pleased to be hosting Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee, over from the US. Maggie O’Sullivan completes the line-up to make a real power trio. Hope to see you there.

The Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein

The Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein presents scholarship on one of the U.S.’s best living innovative poets. Scholars explore major themes in his work, and poets present pieces inspired by his poetry. The book is intended for both scholars looking for informed critical insight into Bernstein’s work as well as for students to examine his work.

The scholarship covers many of his major pieces and genres, like sound, stage, and poetry. The authors write about his main themes and influences and give insight into some of the major poetry ideas currently being debated in the U.S., such as the nature and future of experimental poetry, the influences on contemporary poetry, the politics of poetry, and wide variety of techniques currently being used.

This book is valuable to individuals interested in poetry and libraries trying to stay abreast of the most important recent literary criticism/currents.

More at the Salt site.