B S Johnson Journal – call for papers

Call For Papers: On the Theme of “Endings”

BSJ: The B.S. Johnson Journal – email: bsjjournal@gmail.com

Deadline for submissions: 25th July 2017

The editors of BSJ: The B.S. Johnson Journal request academic papers, essays, interviews, creative works or remembrances on the theme of endings. Johnson’s novels featured a range of innovative endings; from the “almighty aposiopesis” of Albert Angelo, to the unexploded bomb in Christie Malry, to the metafictional imposition of the House Mother in House Mother Normal. In the interests of exploring endings and the ways in which they can define, fix or unsettle the meaning of texts, we are seeking submissions that engage with our theme; be it a creative piece with an interesting ending, a theoretical engagement with Johnson’s work, or an interpretation of the wider connotations of the theme: limits, finality, death.

We welcome academic papers of between 6,000 and 8,000 words and essays of between 500 and 2,500 words (papers will be thoroughly peer-reviewed and must conform to academic standards, essays do not need to meet these requirements and are usually more journalistic or personal in style). Short stories, poetry and innovative forms are welcome at any length, short or long. Suggestions for reviews may also be made to the editors, but making contact first is recommended to avoid reviewers overlapping. Although submitted work need not be directly about B.S. Johnson, the journal aims to promote his legacy and therefore favours work that display a commitment to truth, formal innovation or working class modernism.